Hologram Cloak Refit

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but you cannot refit a hologram cloak, which makes it a 10 encumbrance item for an effect that is very cool, but probably not worth 10 encumbrance on half of your body.

Maybe this is an issue with the introduction of (poor fit) being a default on items?

It would also be cool to be able to repair this thing, even if you need superalloy to do it. It’s just too much of a fun item to never be of use, or get destroyed quickly.

This is extremely sophisticated technology, I don’t see it being repairable by a survivor with just normal tools and materials.

But the poor fit thing does seem weird, its why I only use it pretty rarely currently. I just carry it around and put it on as needed. Think I’ve only used it once, to distract a tank drone so I could get close.

Edit: Though thinking about it for a bit, this thing would have to be somewhat modular for repair/fitting purposes by the end user, such as the military. Otherwise the second one section was damaged it would become a million dollar piece of junk. I don’t see any procurement or design committee being willing to invest in something that expensive which gets bricked the moment someone looks at it funny. As a result, it might be possible for a survivor to cannibalize one hologram cloak to repair or fit another one.

I opened an item on github, lets see what @kevin.granade and @John_Candlebury think. Its really up to them. The poor fit may be intended to mimic bulkiness of the plates or something.

From a flavor perspective, I think a ‘hologram cloak’ should probably be made of gossamer strands of Ghost In the Shell magic, not a bulky overcoat.

Repairs or no repairs is another thing, but I’d like the be able have it fixed, just make it a high level skill check in electronics or something, if possible. No reason to limit the play style, since it’s hardly a hugely powerful item.