Item repairing actually uses no materials, though their presence is required

Win 7 (64-bit)
Game version: Experimental 3458, Graphical version

Ok, so this is an old bug, meaning I first observed it many versions ago. This is what I experienced lately:

Tried to repair a wetsuit. The game reported that I supposedly didn’t have enough plastic chunks. I disassembled a few items and consequently ended up with 13 plastic chunks in my inventory. Tried the repair operation again. It was successful, some damage was repaired to the suit, but no plastic chunks were used - I still had all 13 in my inventory. A few repeated repair operations later I had repaired the wetsuit to full condition with no plastic actually used.

Here’s the kicker though - After getting the wetsuit fully repaired, I reinforced it. At that point a whole 10 plastic chunks WERE consumed.

I had used the vehicle welding rig for repairs, specifically by examining it and then selecting ‘w’ for ‘use welding rig’.

I can’t be sure if this is crucial, but the wetsuit was already fitted when I found it (in damaged condition). I’m just thinking of a possibility that the (fits) status might mess with the repair code somehow, causing it to skip materials.

Possibly relevant:

Related to this is that when i reinforce a locksmith, it uses a scrap metal in my inventory that i don’t have :).

Experienced exactly the same bug, multiple times. Both with iron and plastic.

Is the bug still there? The new version of the game should no longer have it.

it seems the materials are only consumed when you refit or reinforce an item.

It was always like this: materials aren’t consumed when repairing lightly damaged items. I changed it so that it doesn’t ask you for materials it doesn’t need and also tells you how much you need if you don’t have enough.

Well that’s appreciable