Crafting problem

Hey new player here, I’m on the latest experimental. I’m having an issue where most of the clothing I can craft is (poor fit). My character is normal weight and the only mutation I’ve gained is pain resistance. Am I missing something here? is this a bug? Can I modify the clothes to make them fit after I craft them?

using tailoring kit, sewing kit, needle etc… you can “repair” an item up to reinforcing / refitting. It is weird that items you craft dont fit you though.

Sounds like a bug. Any crafted apparel should be fitted to you out of the box, so to speak.

iirc a build like 2-3 days ago “fixed” all clothing being crafted as fits if you used poor fit components, weird enough it affect things even if you craft them from scratch

I was just doing some experimenting. It seems that I crafted a survivor suit with Poor fitting components. I just made another survivor suit and a light survivor suit and despite the crafting screen telling me they wont fit once I made them they came out the correct size. It seems like once you craft something thats poor fitting it just tells you everything in the armor menu is poor fitting, regardless if it will be or not. They are nice changes but can be annoying if the right information isn’t being given to the players but thats the point of the experimental build.