Hightech tool idea

so for a few new tool ideas. plasma/laser welder. both are very fast and low power cost though the plasma is the higher of the two it uses nuclear cells as fuel while the laser is just a batterys and is the highest normal welder you can get.
laser axe/saw or something similer battery powered exprmental tools using a sort of solid light laser for cutting making it very fast in cutting anything even metal
liquid collection. i think we should also be able to collect liquids that are split and yes i do mean acid and blood. mops just get rid of it. early is sponge-then sponge mop ending to electric pump with a manual pump also being a thing. not the best for drinking liquids since they may be dirty but good with other kind like fuel or the like

Plasma or laser welders would be very plausible and a nice addition, but you can’t exactly cut wood with heat or a laser. Of course, you would eventually burn through it, but you’d also burn the rest of it and make a mess out of it, and it would take longer and be more of a pain than just using a saw. As far as the mop idea goes, there was actually a thread a while back where a guy made a mod for that, if I remember correctly

to be fair i was also talking metal saw when i said saw so it would also be used on metal but ok on wood