Hi guys, some questions for you

So a friend of mine got me into this game, and it has changed a lot since i played it last :slight_smile: I wanted to maybe start adding and changing stuff etc, but I am kind of lost for some of it.

Here is a class I made when a friend said make a ninja lol :


So i can get stuff in, but here’s where the questions come in. I wanted to make a 2nd bionic as an upgrade , but I couldn’t figure out where the power rate for the torsion ratchet is. Did I miss that somewhere? Also, is there a way to have a profession start with specific or random mutations? I haven’t played with mutation too much yet, as most of my characters are pretty short-lived.

I am using the stable build btw, if that is important.

Theres no support for mutations right now. But I can tell you that the torsion rachet does not consume power, it generates it actually!

you will relase this mod?

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I can let this loose on the general public once I have tested it a bit, no problems. The list of gear there in the screenshot was just a quick and dirty way of getting some stuff on the character without a lot of hassle. I couldn’t figure out if starting with a martial arts style was possible, beyond spending points at creation. So that’s why the book to start. I completely forgot a cutting tool lol, but in the end they aren’t that bad to acquire in the shelter, and I only added a set of throwing knives.

Regarding the mutation thing, I see further in the list of topics that was already asked and I got my answer. At some point I may try out opening up a few of the base mutations for choice on character generation, but I would like to figure out if they can be added as a starting trait for professions mostly.

As for the joint torsion ratchet I mentioned in the opening post, I understand that it produces, not consumes, power. What I wanted to know was where is the game telling it to regen power, as in how much regained over how many turns? This way I can put in a second, call it Kinetic something something, and make a little better, and have my ninja start with it instead.

So if someone wants to play as a ninja, just let me know how to put it here in a code block or something and I’ll hook you up.

Ciao for now

Ohh okay. Sure, the rate at which torsion racket recharges power is found in game.cpp (Aka outside jsons in the sourcecode)

Given by this piece of code

if (moveCount % 60 == 0) { if (u.has_bionic("bio_torsionratchet")) { u.charge_power(1); } }

Aka it gives you one unit of power every 60 turns you’ll have to do exactly the same thing for the bionic you want to add.

However changes to the source code are not supported by the current mod manager, you’ll have to zip the whole application and share that