First time attempt at modding, need a little help

So, I was a little bothered by things like how I could build a railgun from assorted electronics or figure out how to strip down and supercharge a laser turret, but wasn’t able to refit power armor to accommodate my cat tail. I figure comparatively, an armored tailsleeve should be child’s play. I was able to figure out the Jsons for armor and get that up, but that feels a little cheaty to just be able to manage from the get-go. So, I have a couple questions.

How do I add recipes? Is this JSON’d or is it something I’m going to have to sit and learn from the source data?
As followup, How do I make them auto-learned, since I’m not sure on a book covering that.

About what skill level should it be?

How much resource should it take?

Check out the files in data/json/recipes/ and data/json/items/
They’re mostly human-readable, you only really need to copy item definition and make a recipe for it.

Though I don’t think a power armor refit to accommodate mutations is possible. Not without making it allow all mutations, including HUGE, hooves, horns and beak.

Oh, so it is as simple as I was hoping.

That was the issue I was running into, though. I could turn it into a soft clothing to just allow tails and ears, but that’s a material change. A further idea was just being okay with it allowing everything, but making it a very costly recipe.

Going that route, I guess I should probably add a recipe book as well. High electronics and… Fabrication, I’d assume?

While I’m at it, I might as well add in a part for another pet-peeve of mine and put together some kind of future holster and scabbard that works for the power armors. Time to go look at the Hauling Frame to see how that is allowed to attach.

Thanks for the help, Coolthulhu!