Hey guys, I'm hecking lost

I just came back to this game after about maybe 2 years of not playing. Can anyone inform me of any major changes that I have missed? Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Wander spawn and NPC are less buggy. Car is more complicated. You can sprint. The eye does not split land. Cooked meat is less filling. Zombies are more but spear can reach.

Assuming you last played in 0.C and are now trying the experimentals, the first things I’d notice are the difference creation methods (multi-poo, single-pool, freeform), followed by encumbrance (basically, multiply the old system by 10 - it allows things to be small and not matter… until you get enough of them to matter).

The next thing to know is that there are more kinds of zombies, and over time, zombies evolve into the nastier versions, so, a year in, you’re going to be seeing a LOT more brutes and hulks - also, watch out for predator zombies, they’re NASTY. Necromancer zombies raise non-pulped zombies near them, and zombie masters insta-evolve nearby zombies to nastier versions.

As §k said, the wander spawn system is MUCH better. NPCs are somewhat better. There’s a new bionics system that limits how many bionics you can have, but I don’t think it’s in force yet. The vehicle system has been fiddled with a bunch, though some of that got rolled back recently - biggest change I can think of off hand is how jacks work (basically, there are “levels” of jack, and you need better ones the more the vehicle weighs).

Monster in-fighting! The blob and zombies vs triffids vs mycus vs mutant insects vs nether creatures vs robots vs NPCs vs wildlife. Basically the entire game is now one massive chaotic royal rumble.

That was added in 0.C… but that wasn’t quite two years ago yet, so maybe he didn’t play in that.

I remember because I found the game late in 0.B, and I really enjoyed it… except how everything was all on the same team against you (riot bots would leave the zombies alone?!? Etc). Almost quit the game… and then 0.C came out JUST in time, and I’ve been completely hooked ever since.

Yeah, probably my favorite improvement to the game of all. Mi-gos, ants, bees, wasps and robots are all very good zombie killers. My favorite early game strategy is to build a very simple little motorbike and drive around kiting my enemies toward other enemies and let them do all the dangerous work. Then just clean up all the heavily damaged to nearly dead survivors and collect all the loot.

Lots of fun.

Jump in and see. best way to learn. its essentially the same game though.

until you start to use mods at least.

Yes, I sorta started in 0.C but I started this game watching youtubers to learn (at least the bare bone basics) the game. I have started playing the experimentals. I downloaded the CCD launcer that automatically gets the most updated version for me. Which I never thought would ever exist. Kinda makes me happy. I have noticed all the differences EXCEPT the nastier zombies over time factor. None of my characters have ever lived past maybe…I would say an hour of game play. Yet, I have one question. Why is it sometimes when I start in certain locations in the character starting menu, the game can not make the starting location on the map? I just want to make a hunter stuck in the woods returning to the city in ruins type of feel but the game just cannot make the cabins/hermit shack/farm/etc.

Also thank you for everyone who took the time to respond to me. I’ve never been good with forums and quite frankly get lost in them. I usually only go to forums when I have a problem that needs fixing in any game I play. I don’t know how people scour the forums daily. It is overwhelming (Maybe because of in experience).

It has to do with map generation - as the game has evolved, some features/map tiles get crowded out and become rarer than they originally were (or they were coded incorrectly to begin with - nobody’s perfect).

One example of this is the warehouse - because of what is required for them to be placed, and what else gets placed first, they are CRAZY rare. I doubt very much that was intended.

Due to the random nature of the game, that sort of thing can occasionally happen even to fairly common things - it happens on lab start once in a while, for instance, so your “lab” survivor just starts in the middle of a field, instead.

So…I have to keep trying to make the character and hope the map that is created for that character spawns whichever location I choose? If so that is odd and kind of funny

Also, while responding to this post. I skimmed the forums a little. I kept reading about NPC becoming faction members? Whaaaaaaat?! That has to be new correct? I never recalled NPC being able to follow you. Everytime I would have tried to convince them back in the day. It would always fail and or they would run/attack.

No, this has been around… uh, since at least 0.B.

That’s really only a problem for a very few locations that I know of - the usual starting places are plentiful and never have that problem.

Everytime I would try to convince them to join it never worked. I remember trying dozens of times. So I figured it wasn’t a,llowed. Nice to hear you actually can. Forgive me if I tpyed this weird. I am high as a fuking kite right now.