New things I've noticed

I played mostly in 0.D but even then never got too far as I sucked lol. Ive been using the experimentals lately and I dont know how new this stuff is, but I started noticing some things that, for me anyways, go a long way to making the world seem more “actual apocalypse/cataclysmic”. Like starting off in bunkers that are all messed up, windows busted out, graphiti all over the walls that you can actually read, the npc’s seem to speak a little more and what not.
For me anyways, the game seems HUGE. But for me its always missed that added touch that turns all this stuff into something more. Such as the buildings being more than just over-sized treasure chests. Having npc’s that could expand a bit on lore would be great, like telling a bit about their life before the Cataclysm Or even small, subtle things that can tell little bits of story, like finding an answering machine in a house that when u press play, it (via txt on our screen) plays a couple of messages from before or during The Event. Or emails on a computer doing the same.


The progress has been grand since 0.C so so much has been done for the world building of the game and it’s good that it’s finally being implemented. A lot of the focus for the game was to add new features rather than extend the existing ones and now much of that is out of the way, the focus has changed.
If you’re having problems starting off, try playing some of the OP scenarios as they are a fun way to learn the later requirements of the game to survive down the line, my problem isn’t with dying but getting bored before I even get past the mid game level.

I’ve suggested to the board that NPCs should act and think like the player and I was informed that they were trying to create a realistic setup in which they would work as individuals rather than quest and "companion’ whores. I recently found a post apocalypse lodge that was lived in and I wish that the previous owner would come back to claim his land after I fall asleep in his bed.

NPCs telling about their life before cataclysm is already implemented. Try checking all the options in the dialogue screen and you will find it - Its pretty entertaining to read them.

Oh I have. I’ve seen the small bits of “lore” I guess you would call it. Im a junkie for that kind of stuff, but I also understand this is being made by people for free that arent being paid to write thousands of pages of story just for me. lol.

Today on experimental the contents of all my scabbards and canteens were suddenly added to my inventory. I’m going to hope this is intentional and not a transient bug, but as a sperglord who gets irritated that you can carry a 76L autoclave in two duffel bags and a briefcase without disassembling it first, it seems like this “everything in one inventory screen” move is a step in the wrong direction.

What do you mean by this? What would make them stop being over-sized treasure chests?

I’m not sure what the screen has to do with it, but the feature that spawned that screen is exactly the feature preventing the autoclave carrying thing.

Where did he ask for them to stop being over-sized treasure chests? As far as I understand, he wants them to be more than that, i.e. have some story/lore/uniqueness. In addition to loot, not opposed to it.

I should have added just to that sentence (before over-sized). I didn’t intend to imply anything about having less loot, or anything of the sort, but I clearly did.

I didnnt mean anything nasty with the over-sized treasure chest comment, I simply meant that after a while a lot of those places just start to seem like loot containers lol. But with some of the changes its starting to feel a little better now.

Unless te devs decidewd something wile I was away. I came up with a better intory systema long time ago. Can’t remember if anyone was attempting tomake it into a mod though. Look up Neo Scavenger and instead of tiles in the inventory. Every garment that held anything would have their volume and individually respective slots for similarly sized items to fill said slots. Pretty straight forward when you consider the names in a tree would work just as well as say;

Fire Fighter belt(add item to it).

It could work, I still believe it :wink:

Totally got that, just wanted to know how we could speed up it feeling better.

If you’re not willing to work to make your ideas a reality, almost certainly nobody else will be - ideas are worth very little to nothing.
Unrelated to that, but I’m not quite sure what the system you’re envisioning even is -

I’m tracking you here

but you loose me here - what does this mean exactly? Do you have, say 4 4L pockets, and you can only stick one thing of similar size in each of those pockets? If so, this doesn’t make much sense as a system, and if not, I can’t think of any way it’d be implemented that’d be much different than the current system.

Yea NeoScavenger has a great inventory system. As for making houses seem less loot containery…I guess I would have to think on it more. I’ve only been a part time player at best. I still have never gotten a character even past 1 season yet have played off and on for probobly a year now lol. So Im reluctant to come here and start speaking on things too much that I dont know much about.
But I will admit that having barely scratched the surface of the game because I suck at it lol, Im only now discovering that there is more there than I realized. Like npc’s having alot more to say about themselves and such, than I previously realized.

Man, re-reading my words using this crap 7" keyboard…guh…I need a new keyboard omg…

Anyway, my ideas have a pretty good track record for making it into the game mate. :wink:

As for the garments. I’ll give some examples.

Inventory: left/right columns

BackPack~ 7.5L / 10L
-item 5L
-another item 2.5L

Pants~ 1L / 1.5L
-items taking up 1L
(Left/Right columns based upon layer system; caveats like back packs/fanny packs on left or right side as default? optional sid placement)

Outer garments with volume can be accessed quicker than each inner layer respectively. With any backpack taking more time to access due to…well, it is on your back :man_shrugging:
(possibly, for logic; requiring toon to remove backpacks in order to access them)

Micro manages instead of a pool. That is the short version. If you want more details. Ask me. But I wrote a bunch of details in different threads and most people prefer the pool over the micro manage system I came up with. Probably due to tedium. I get it. But it is still is more realistic.

Citation need

I guarantee you, that is not your idea.
It’s an idea loads of people have come up with, because that’s how it works in real life. Sure, you may have wanted for it, but it was not because of you that it became a reality, nor did you ideas have practically any impact on it.

Not sure why there’s need to be a discussion about whose idea it was, since it’s a community project and anyone can and should work towards a single goal: Creating a entertaining, funny and awesome game.

That aside, the idea of nested inventories was fist posted to github by jjs2 at the 16. of October 2013. It was later stated by Kevin Grenade that… This is something we've planned for a loooong time., indicating that the idea is even older than that.

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basically the issue is zonewizard has been going around in various threads crowing about how “their” inventory system got implemented.

it’s kinda vexing.

I saw and I agree, my “it’s a community project” was addressed towards TheZoneWizard. On the other side, I’d assume that reacting to it and stating it’s not his idea is basically pointless, since both sides argue without (anyway hard to find) sources.

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