HEV type armor

The idea just kinda hit me when I cursed my more recent death of stumbling through a toxic cloud, and promptly getting electrocuted by a shocker. So, I was thinking, why isn’t their armor that provides total protection from environmental and unique damage types, such as fire, electricity, acid, heat, cold, and etc.
Sure, powered power armor can do that, but power armor is kinda everything-proof armor, bullets and whatnot included.
This would be just really like the HEV suit from Half Life. Great protection from acid and fire and all, essentially impervious to such things, but most “combat” damage still goes right on through. Mostly.
They provide protection from;
-Ambient disease
-Extreme heat
-Extreme cold
-Wind, I guess?

But most kinetic forces would still injure the user, probably. Only light protection from those?

And since I’m basically just listing the HEV suit from Half Life, it could have other capabilities too. Not of which usable when powered.
-Integrated flashlight on suit
-Oxygen tank (automatically refills when around clean air? Allows user to breath underwater and stuff.)
-Watertight, even when underwater?
-Autoinjectors, when/if loaded with ampules or something.
-Low encumbrance? It’d probably be not as bulky as other power armors (even though this is more a powered biohazard suit), as it doesn’t have the other protection plates or whatever.
-Internal AC/Heaters when powered, to keep user comfortable in all weather.
-User can still move and function with little downside once it runs out of power; after all, the suit doesn’t need an powered skeleton to move, like the heavy power armor. Power just allows for extra functions.
-Powered by regular batteries/UPS? Since the power isn’t actually powering anything too crazy, it’d be believable for it to not use plutonium cells or whatnot.

It’d probably make since to be a full body suit, face and head too, which comes with the other power armor restrictions as well. No mutated anatomy, or wearing much under it.

And like any good loot, it’d have a rare spawn. Probably in a lab or something, as that’d make the most sense.

Lore wise, you could probably write it in as a powered suit being developed or have been developed for use going through one of the portals.

Anyway, that’s my idea for an HEV Suit/HEV suit ripoff.

you mean the ANBC suit? is basically immune to acid, electricity, and radiation.

wear a firefighter’s outfit if you want fire protection.

The Rivtech combat armor might count. Even when active, it lacks the durability of light power armor - though the fact that you can wear other clothing alongside it offsets that. Still, alone, it’s only as tough as a MBR vest with ceramic plates, plus protection from the environment. Survivor is still quite vulnerable if he/she is too cocky.

ANBC is op

Combat armor is the best all-around armor imo, it gives as much protection as a ceramic mbr vest, but on every body part and the effect is enhanced when active. Even when it’s not active it still gives immunity to acid and toxic gas, and when it’s active I believe it gives full protection against radiation. Plus being able to wear things like backpacks and holsters are great too, you can’t do that with power armor.

Even when it’s not active it’s a decent 20 encumbrance if it fits.

Not really. On one hand, it pretty much protects you from most environmental hazards. On the other hand, it has some defense, but not that much. Slightly at the level of a kevlar vest with slightly worse cutting defense. It’s also very encumbering, at 45 encumbrance on every body part, and has no storage space.

i would say ANBC is the earliest reasonable gear for fighting special effect zombies (acid shock radiation). is better gear but ANBC is the first one that makes it an acceptable idea.

Yeah, I guess the ANBC suit is a pretty good example/base. This’d essentially just be that, but with more fire protection, technically being lightweight power-armor, and a few other tidbits, like the internal light and such.