Help With Settings

So, you know I do YouTube. Part of that involves trying to make things look bigger for mobile users. I had settings that I enjoyed, everything was working fine.

I don’t think I updated the game. I didn’t change any settings. My computer is exactly as it was.

The game used to look like this:

And now it’s this:

It’s like the resolution jumped but it was always set to be 1080p. I’ve looked through all the settings and have made my text bigger, which now mostly matches how it used to look. But there don’t seem to be any settings allowing me to scale the actual tiles.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? And why isn’t scaling the tiles a thing? That should definitely be a setting x_x.

I’m pretty desperate.

And for the love of god don’t tell me to 'z’oom. The first level of zoom immediately jumps way too close to the character.

I assume that I could go into the code and change how much each level of 'z’oom is, but I’d have to do that every time I updated my game. I don’t have the skills to make it its own setting.

I believe the only thing that affect that is the resolution, havent you tried modifying any of the setting that affect the resolution directly and indirectly, like terminal size or the map size, or even the styles of the side bar. im saying those because the most clear difference after the tiles size, is how the terminal looks

I did try the resolution but it seemed to make everything blurry – but that might have been because I’d increased the text size on top of changing the resolution. I’ll try it again when I get home from work, try adjusting in smaller increments.

Have you tried adjusting the scaling (under graphics)?

The only scaling I messed with jumped directly to 2x which is more than I want.

Ultimately I scaled the resolution down about 15% and I think that’s good enough. Having a hard time dialing in the text sizes and whatnot, but I’ll figure that’s just trial and error to see where it should be.