Add one additional level of zooming in and resolution questions

My primary monitor runs at 2560x1600 and sometimes even with 32x32 tilesets, stuff can be hard to see. I do enjoy some of the 16x16 tilesets, but they are just too small. I could play in full screen but it’s nice to have easy access to the wiki since I’m still a big noob. Would be nice if we could get one additional level of zooming in or something similar to the dwarf fortress middle mouse/left/right brack zoom in to whatever level you want. It doesn’t have to change the text size.

Maybe I might try play around with fullscreen mode some more, but I still haven’t quite found a terminal size I have been satisfied with. What terminal sizes do you guys use for 16:10 monitors with 16x16 or 32x32? At the moment, I change my resolution to 1920x1200 and run in windowed mode with terminal size of 239x70, which is 1912x1120.

I also noticed when playing without tiles, the game only fills up the center of my screen, like it is in 4:3 mode or something. I tried to make the font square but that made the window extend far to the right, and still had the black bars on the side (as well as the text being twice as wide large so not really plausible). How do you configure the game to run widescreen without using tiles? Driving is pretty laggy with tiles, so I have been interested in finding a good setup for no tiles.

IIRC the reason for the black bars is because they are beyond the distance your character can see anyways, I seem to remember some requests to make them a little less intrusive though (possibly just by extending the grey # signs out) so that might happen eventually.