I want to set the size of the tileset rather than scaling it

I don’t understand the question. What difference are you expecting between the size of the tiles and the scale of the tiles. Those are two words for the same concept.

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My English is not good, I mean, I can’t adjust the size of the tiles to my satisfaction by zooming through the Z key. It’s either too big or too small.

Zoom levels are multiples of two. Using any other number would produce bad results.

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your best bet would be to find a tileset that is sized differently, and see if it has a zoom that matches better with what you want. Don’t expect much though, the scaling will be simmilar, but if you have a different start point maybe you can find something that is more aesthetically pleasing to you.

I usually end up using multiple zooms depending on what Im doing, and sometimes even multiple tile-sets if the set I’m using is missing too many assets relevant to the local area/items.