Suitable game resolution

Hey everyone, i am new to this forum (and to rogue like as well) so this will serve as an introductory thread and as a query as well. My name is John Blackthorne and i was drawn to this game after watching Jefmajor’s Lp of it. The game just seemed so, polished and intricate to me that i just couldn’t resist downloading it. After i booted it up it was evident that the screen was quite small so i ventured to the options menu. I fiddled around with the screen size and couldn’t find an appropriate resolution for my !920 X 1080 monitor. If anybody knows what numbers i can punch in to fill the screen it woud be much obliged. Also hopefully you guys will start to see me around the forum more and more :slight_smile:

  • John Blackthorne

I presume you’re on Windows, because the Linux/OS X versions should size themselves to your terminal window.

You’ll want to tweak the viewport width and viewport height settings, which control how many tiles the main window uses (from what I understand). Separately, there’s also a FONTDATA file in the data/ directory, which controls how large each individual tile/character is. You may have to play around a little with both of those until you’re satisfied.

Hope that helps :).

Well, i have gotten that far but i’m just curious if anybody else with a 1920 x 1080 sized monitor has the dimensions for a full screened window. Thanks for responding though :slight_smile:

I’m playing on 80 width and 30 height with 1920x1080, default font size. My character can see farther north and south than my screen allows, and it’s not quite fullscreen, but it was the best I could do.

Alright thank you, i’ll try these numbers the first chance i get

thats about what I play with, give or take a few numbers. basically I am at my limit horizontally (nothing is out of my vision) and only 2 or 3 blocks north and south are out of range. works pretty good.

80 by 30 works fine for me, thanks guys :slight_smile: