Help with Hooves and Bodytemp

I’ve been looking around for a way to add a body part temperature modifier, searching git (but I’m really new into this).
My problem, not necessarily a problem with the game, is that the only option to regulate temperature in mutations.json is using bodytemp~modifiers and bodytemp~sleep, and I can’t direct it to alter LEGS and FEET temperature only, like with clothing… Is there no way to easily direct those options from items to mutations?

I mean, I’m altering the mutation HOOVES to something faun-like, with more fur so my character doesn’t have to wear neither pants nor tentacle socks. I know it looks like crap, but I’m still editing xotto sprites hehe


Tried a bunch of things, using “armor_data”… Didn’t found an adequate flag either. Still no luck.

Why not do a work around like everything else around here?

If hooves are enacted, remove and replace with permanent piece of clothing that is hidden from inventory.

Make sure you add the trait to the list in character sheet and make the changes to temperature that way.