Cold Hooves?

I’m aware that the whole body temperature thing is currently in a very incomplete state here, so this is kind of a minor issue.

Essentially, I mutated hooves, yet continue to have ‘Cold Feet’ problems… which I can do nothing about, since I technically don’t even have feet anymore, and hooves don’t accept clothing of any sort. It’d be nice if body parts which don’t require clothing don’t require heat from clothing either.

My frozen tentacles would like to disagree. Scavenging for purifier has never been so dire.

Yeah, thta was an oversight that I still haven’t gotten around to fixing! And by fix, I mean skip over ;p Until I find a sensible solution.

Fair 'nuff. I suppose it might make more sense for some parts to be cold-adapted than others; hooves in particular seem like they’d be fairly cold-resistant.

Hmm… any chance of having certain mutations add a ‘warmth’ level to certain body parts, in the same sense that clothing does? That seems like the most sensible fix, equally applicable to the cases of hooves, tentacles, and furryness.

Yes…Tentacles and furyness…MWUAHAHAHAHAAAA

Glad to amuse you, lol

Being furred and lightly furred should add some warmth to each body part I think. For hooves, I would just assume that’s why you have things like braziers and wood stoves for heat.

Yes…Tentacles and furyness…MWUAHAHAHAHAAAA[/quote]
Now I got a horrible image of a horrific combination of furry and tentacle porn in my head, I need Brain Bleach immediately.

Hum… tentacles and furryness?

I must say that I could fap to that

[quote=“Reservoir, post:9, topic:934”]Hum… tentacles and furryness?

I must say that I could fap to that[/quote]

[font=georgia]Agreed, I think ill put that quote back in my sig for all you furry and tentacle lovers;D [/font]

If you can make socks for tentacles, why cant you do the same for hooves? Actually, a character with enough tailoring should be able to make hoof shoes for themselves. It would have to be something they could not find out in the world because the only hoof shoes out there would be horse shoes.

I don’t see a player being able to hammer that into themselves even if they were willing.

Think you can still make fetlock furs and foot wraps cant you? I thought those could be worn with hooves. I could def be wrong on this tho