Zet Hair Extension

Anybody know how to enable this mod? Been searching for a while and nothing is popping out in the web.

What do you mean by “enable this mod”?
If it’s like all the mods, you’d have create a new world and add it to it (or - depending on what it does - you might even be able to add it to a running world).

I guess you think that there’s a bug since you’ve posted this topic in #game-talk:the-garage?
In that (and any) case, could you provide more information?

Previous post was horrendous, so here it is:

Build: 2021-06-21-1945
What I try to do is simply install ‘Undead Tileset’ like how the “README.md” is telling me to do, which is copy/paste their files into installation folder. After I do that, I can’t download any mod from the game launcher because it tells me they’re already there, but then I boot up the game and it’s default mods only.

I can install the tileset easily without doing that, because following the instructions just messes up the launcher, but I can’t seem to get Zet’s hair extension working, either from the github or from the Undead Tileset master file.

Am I doing something wrong?

I guess this problem might occurs because the install guide for the tileset is written with the direct download game version in mind, not for the launcher (the launcher is a third party tool, more infos on the GitHub wiki)

I know for sure why it won’t work from the UndeadPeopleTileset file: This file contains - at least to my knowledge - only the tiles (as in, the pictures you see in game), not the mod itself.
As for the one “from the GitHub”… If you mean this one by that; that’s two years and apparently did not get maintained. It still uses ident instead of id in the mod definition file, so you’ll have to either go through the process of fixing it yourself (keep an eye on the error messages), or grabbing the mod from someone who has fixed* it already (Kenan for example).
*or at least have a “newer” version…