Help translating the credits and MOTD!


If you want to help translating, you can start right here, in this forum thread. You can begin by translating the credits and MOTD.

The credits and MOTD are currently treated seperately than every other string. You won’t find them on Launchpad/Transifex/whatever. Note that about 99.9% of all strings are there. I just post here because credits and MOTD are somehow “special cases”.

Here are the current English credits:

The MOTD is also ready for translation (for 0.B), you find the current text here:

The credits and MOTD are currently avaiable in these languages: English, Russian (outdated!), German, Spanish (Argentinia) (outdated!).
See here a list of the current credits files.
See here a list of the current MOTD files.

To translate, copy the text into a text editor and translate.
do not use more than 16 lines (excluding lines starting with “#”) and more than 72 characters per line.

If you’re done, just post the translated text in this thread along with the language you used.

If you post a valid translation, I will post a pull request on GitHub so it can get included.
So you do the translation, I do the rest (until I don’t want to do this anymore, I will let you know then).

As 0.B is close to release, I like to remind all translators to post translations for the credits and MOTD. Instructions are in the post above. I have completely updated the first post for 0.B, so you may need to read it again if you already did earlier.

Currently, the credits and MOTD are available in English and German and are up-to-date for 0.B.
They are also available in Russian and Spanish (Argentinia), however, these files are outdated (0.A) and need to be updated.

MOTD and credits are translated into Russian on Transifex.

Credits and MOTD have been translated in Italian on Transifex.

All languages from from transifex isn’t outdated.
For example Russian:
Already 0.B Brin.

Oh i get it. In release tag motd/credits is outdated. But how to push changes in to tag? =)
(but your link is taken from master branch, in master branch all ok)