Feature and string freeze for 0.B

We are now right around the corner from being ready to release, it might happen this weekend if translations go through fast enough. As such I’m calling a feature and string freeze, no new features and no new content, just bugfixes.

Don’t forget to edit the sticky at the top of the board.

German translation on Launchpad is already on 100%, but I don’t really trust that. Maybe a few strings have been added in the meanwhile. So can someone please check this if this is actually the current state of the strings?

Also, MOTD is not updated for 0.B yet, I am still waiting so I can translate it into German. Please drop a post here when the MOTD is ready for translation.

Translators, I also want to direct your attention to this thread:
Help translating the credits!
I will also update the thread when MOTD is 0.B ready.

Of course not, I’m just typing really slow <_<

OK, I just checked it. The strings are indeed not up-to-date. I found some untranslated strings in f94a402b102967ea3051ca3b042f84c0a9f4a6c1, although German is on 100% (don’t worry, it appears to be just JSON stuff).