Help on modding

So yes, I dont know anything about modding this game. I want to add craftable armor made of sheet metal (helm, pants, chestplate, boots). Can anyone tell me how to do such a thing?

The files you want to be looking at are data/raw/items/armor.json and data/raw/recipes.json. The majority of what’s in there at that point is pretty self-explanatory; just copy something similar to what you want to make (for example you could copy the chitin armor) and then change the values on it to match the ones you want.

Note that the armor won’t spawn naturally (that requires editing the code itself right now), but you will be able to craft it.

Cool, thanks. Is there a way to make it repairable though? Could I add it in, like repairing it with a welder?

Not at the moment, no (without compiling that is). Clothes that are made of cotton, wool, or leather will automatically be able to be repaired with a sewing kit and rags/leather, but other clothing materials are out at the moment.

doesn’t item_groups.JSON deal with natural spawning?