How about some home made armors where you sew leather into regular clothing? How about being able to make leather armor. I vaguely remember something about boiling leather to toughen it. Maybe someone knows something more about the process?

Id like a sorta mad max scenario, leather armor a sawn-off shotgun and possibly a dog companion if they make the NPC’s better.

SO YEAH, id love the idea of leather armor (and other leather material clothes) But i guess you can just use a leather jacket and leather pants etc. but id like to think the armor could be reinforced or something. /Useless ramble ended

You can of have that already.

  • Leather armor: leather jacket and leather pants all over the place and both are craftable. The jacket also protects you from rain. the only drawback is relatively high encumbrance and low storage for both pieces, but they both protect some bash protection and very good cut protection.

  • Sawn-off shotgun: you can craft one by cutting any shotgun you find with a hack saw or you can disarm (or trigger on purpose) a shotgun trap to get one

  • Dog companion: AFAIK giving dog food to a dog will make it your companion. That food can be crafted with some cooking skill. I don’t recall finding it anywhere, but there might be some out there too.

EDIT: Although it’d be nice if we could cut a leather jacket to make it sleeveless, reducing warmth under 35 and limiting its covering to the torso. Similar to how we can create fingerless gloves from leather gloves.

Working on an item modding system, thanks to Origamiwolf/DinoCat being awesome and implementing a method to assign individual flags to items. Already have some basic preliminary stuff as concept (metal plated leather jackets, jeans with extra pockets and pouches sewn on, things of that nature.)

Totally and abso-fucking-lutely awesome!

Anyone know how to reinforce/repair leather, kevlar or metal? I didn’t get it, so i stick to cloth/wool equipment, but it’s good when you have some sort of protection that’s not adding a lot of encumbrance and offerring some storage.
I remember mod where you could sew kevlar into clothing marking it more resistant to damage, but it reduced storage for 25-30%. How about sewing in clothing different material give different advantages/disadvantages like adding leather won’t give any serious drawbacks, but protecting you from damage less than normal leather clothing or other armor, kevlar would give more protection, but also will increase encumbrance and reducing capacity, installing metal would steal from you ~50% of item capacity, but increasing resistance greatly, adding more weight and encumbrance, chitin would give the same (maybe less protection) but nearly no weight icrease. Also allow crafting of different power armor types, some basic like exo need only wire, amplifiers and duct tape, but more advanced need basic power armor (with all it’s engines).

IRL you don’t typically repair personal armor (kevlar vests etc…), you replace it. Main reason is that it takes serious machines to put them together in the first place due to their toughness. Other reasons include legal liability of repairs (as though we have to worry about Lawyers in CDDA.)

Leather items should be able to be patched, but it actually takes skill to accomodate the different behavior of the patch (swelling and shrinking differently from the base material).

Of the things you mentioned, metal is the easiest. You just weld or rivet on a patch (of the same material). Done.

But, you were asking how to do such things in the game. I don’t think there are repair functions for those things, but I have not yet tried activating a leather patch. Give it a try.