Wierd Clothing Questions

Is it possible to make clothing that can’t be removed? I’m thinking up ideas for ‘low hanging fruit’ I could mod in, and there are more then a few that come to mind. I’ve done basic item modding on my local copy for stuff I thought was missing from the game, and I have a few ideas for things I think might be generally useful. Like the ability to make chainmail XL armor, for instance, if one has enough small keyrings or other compatible small bits of metal and the appropriate tools.

But one thing I’m curious about, and I’m not sure how one would do it. … can you make clothing that can’t be removed?
Like, for instance, lets say I was looking at past forum posts and saw people complaining about cephaloapod shells. You know, one thing some shelled creatures do (like hermit crabs) is use strange things as shells. What if a player-character could bolt kevlar or light sheet metal to their shell? It might be an interesting thing for a character to try. But I have no idea how you’d restrict item-creating to someone with a specific mutation, or how you’d make it so the item couldn’t be removed after, only destroyed.

Though I think that gets beyond my original idea of ‘low hanging fruit’, hmm. If anyone has any tips or advice on how I’d go about it, please enlighten me. Or feel free to ignore this as the ramblings of a lunatic. Either way.

The other thing I’ve wondered is … I’ve done item modding, but I’ve done nothing about putting those items into skillbooks/whatever. I’ve seen a lot of people make mods for stuff like… nanotech weapons or various (very powerful) stuff. Is there a framework I could use to put in new crafting receipts WITHOUT using skillbooks, to represent a player creating them? Even if its kinda hackneyed in the implementation?

Clothing that can’t be removed? Should be fairly easy to implement through a bypass in the “remove clothing” function based on a clothing tag, though I’m not seeing any benefits or examples beyond your given shell example (and tying clothing items to mutations is a much less low-hanging fruit).

As for crafting recipes, maybe just make it an auto learn crafting thing? Or have it be learned through disassembly? There’s a handful of other ways to learn crafting recipes after all.