More Clothing mod help

Hello community, it is I, Blackris. Ive taken a couple years to learn how to play this complicated game, and am now enjoying the benefits. In fact, I want to contribute to the madness by making a More Clothing mod.

So what Ive done is made a new armor.json, and copy-pasted panties entry. I changed it to a g-string and changed the stats accordingly (A 5 to coverage is STILL too much but w/e).

I understand I’ll need a RECIPES.json to manufacture the g-string ingame. My question is what other .JSON files do I need to make said g-string a functioning piece of clothes? Because I want a chance to find them somewhere ingame (In a dresser, for example)

Any help would be appreciated, as they are g-strings and I want to move on to more difficult tasks such as making differently coloured clothing too (Because).

*edit I found how to add to item groups. I didnt know I had to make a new itemgroup.json and just add the updated clothes to it. It just affixes the item to the original list automatically