Clothing suggestions

What new armor, clothing, etc. would you like to see in the game. Gimme all sorts of ideas except for jetpacks and nonsense that requires coding. We can leave that for the pros.

How about some fatigues?

We already have ‘army pants’ and military type hats so why not an ‘army shirt’ and ‘army boots’ to go with them?

does anyone know if added clothing items spawn naturally or if i have to make them do so?

They have to be added to spawn lists to actually show up.

Yeah, you’re gonna need to recompile if you want new clothes to spawn. mapitemsdef is C++, not JSON.

is that relatively easy to use?

Item spawn lists have been pushed out to data/raw/item_groups.json as of 0.7, no need to recompile.

Yep disregard my previous comment!

Adding most types of stuff is really simple now!