Let’s add these to the game!

Bloody americans.

Actually an improvised sidearm using one of the common AR rounds is something that happens in reality.

Which brings another thing to mind, which is that some sidearms, particularly revolvers, are fitted/essentially the same calliber as/for shot as well. Now I can’t wait to put explosive shotgun rounds in a revolver~~
Sooooo much recoil

I’ve heard of flare guns being reinforced to take shotgun rounds, but what pistol caliber matches one of the shotgun round sizes?

EDIT: Speaking of… flare guns :smiley:


The LeMat was a pistol and a shotgun, winning combo.

Not to display my ignorance, but ahh, why? wouldnt you just have a pistol that would break your wrist and not do much a normal pistol would?

12ga is slightly larger than 50cal… as evidenced by a need to slightly enlarge a 50 round to shoot it out of a 12ga shotgun.

Yessss… my videogame instinct craves firearms of ridiculous proportions. Though since shamblers are drawn to gunfire I’m thinking that one shot from a behemoth like that might bring an entire city down on you.

Oh also, revolvers in .410 and .45 long colt and on rare occasions .454. That’s because all these calibers fit in the same size receiver. There’s a fair number of manufacturers that make them and they seem to be fairly popular at the moment. Google .410/.45 to see quite a few examples.

That’d be a case of shoot the lone zombie bothering you and then jetting in a vehicle.

wow that gun is a bitch

Ohman. Sudden idea.
Antique 18th century cannons? Fireworks? Spare gattling slingshots you can oh so very rarely find in some swedish guy’s spare cabin?