Special Weapon

http://www.coltsmfg.com/Catalog/SpecialEditions/1877BulldogGatlingGun.aspxThis is all I have to say.

Damn it Alcatraz, no Gatling guns.

No thanks.

What do you have against gatling guns? I could just see setting up just outside a town (maybe set up some traps too) with one of hese and a big pile of ammo, fire off a few rounds to get the Z’s attention, then mow them down as they get in range…

Well, the one he’s suggesting is a little ridiculous for my tastes. Even for DDA. I feel something more modern, even if this is more ammo-efficient.

The thing is, he posted the exact same thing in the RP thread. It seems like it’s just a kind of impulse post.

Hand-cranked, well, it’s an antique at best and requires a lot of Mechanics, etc to operate solo.

Minigun, well, Jesse Ventura was as effective with it as the SMG dual-wielders would be. If you need a crane to follow you around and hold you up against the recoil, you aren’t gonna last long in the Cataclysm.

(I suppose you might make some Nether CBMs and mutagen, and craft a mobile minigun platform or something…)

And the reloading is slow at first and you get tired after cranking it for a bit.

what’s ridiculous about it? I mean yea it’s a crew weapon, heavy as all hell, etc… but if you get it set up somewhere, you could mow down some serious Zs with it. as long as you can lure them in range.

I don’t understand why you would need a mechancs score to fire it, you literally just turn the crank and it fires, or do you mean to set it up? As for endurance, we don’t track that for anything else, so I don’t see why you’d want to dot for this. /confused

RE: minigun, one of those would be ABSURDLY effective, but of course it’s also a crew weapon, and is going to chew through ammo at a far more ridiculous rate.

It would show that not everything old is useless.

Treat artillery as-is, until there is an effective way to transport it via road & rail?
Already can see a melee champion slowly going mad from the apocalypse and crack cocaine, sitting behind the wheel of a rigged army truck thinking “Oh, well, if I lean the wall of that house to the left I could get on top the grocery store… when I’m done I’ll eat one meal in peace.”

It can be put on a carriage or put in crates.

This is more a case of stationary weapons in general, than it is this one weapon. You could install the gun on a mount on the back of your truck, or build the mount and install the gun in front of your base. This doesn’t just apply to things like a gattling gun. This also applies to ballistas like the Ganz. Or sniper rifles, though concievably you would deploy that instead of building a mount. It would reduce recoil and up accuracy if the sniper was on a mount. But yeah, same concept still applies.

Yeah, there’s something to be said for creating weapon emplacements. Obviously would work better with NPCs, but even now there are situations where breaking out a tripod or even a bipod might help.

(Things like mortars, too…)