Wrong firearm ammo

Hey! Just look one of these videos:

I know it is tedious to implement, but in a life or death situation one could load the ammo that barely fits to shoot at least once.
It would probably solve a little problem of one enemy to deal with. The firearm than probably jams or blow up, hehe.

Firearms are underpowered, though, but it is a different story.

What do you think?

I would laugh if this would spawn numerous posts from people who blew themselves up because they accidently loaded the wrong ammo.

Go fort it xD.

Haha! Yes! I have all these guns and no matching ammo. I wouldn’t mind damaging a gun when firing the wrong ammo if meant I could actually shoot something if I needed to :smiley:

I would like it! But I can’t think of a way that would make it not cumbersome when reloading. Maybe make it only appear when you have no correct ammo and you are like "fudge it, I’ll use anything I don’t care"
But it should tell you a BIG WARNING just in case. And it should damage the gun beyond repair if it fails. For fun!

I guess it could be put in, but you’d need a system that tracks the diameter of a cartridge (Or have the weapon list all cartridges that could fit into it), to avoid instances of loading a 120mm round into a handgun. And in the case of the .50 through the shotgun barrel, your not gonna hit anything with any level of accuracy. Its also murder on the barrel, having an unfitted round bouncing around, and at best, its just not going cycle. At worst, a gun not designed to handle the pressure of a larger round is going to rupture the gun itself, and depending on how severe the over pressure is, that’ll near take yer hand clean off.

Really, the weapon is more dangerous to you than the target at that point. If your weapons collection is completely mismatched with your ammo collection, yer SOL. If you’ve just burned the ammo supply of your preferred weapon, disassemble the other rounds and use the spent cases to make more. Much more reasonable than awkwardly taping cartridges or handling the logic of disassembling a gun to fit a round that doesn’t match the barrel. Really, for the cases where you have true mismatch, I’d be in favor of being able to fabricate casings. High pressure stamping equipment isn’t outside the realm of the equipment a player could craft, considering what we can currently pull off.

Realistically, it just wouldn’t fire without spending a bunch of time fucking with it as in the video. And then it would wreck your gun.

Sorry, but this is just a bad idea. Besides, the game already has lots of guns that shoot ammo that would be unsafe or wouldn’t fit into it IRL. .270s from .30-06s come to mind. What do those two rounds have in common? Literally nothing, except that someone somewhere thought you can put them both in the same gun safely.

Won’t happen.

Technically it would be difficult and a lot of work. And it certainly isn’t important enough to warrant that work.

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:7, topic:12474”]Won’t happen.

Technically it would be difficult and a lot of work. And it certainly isn’t important enough to warrant that work.[/quote]
Not only this, it is also confusing to first time players, and not intuitive.

  • person finds gun
  • person finds wrong ammo
  • person blows up gun/himself etc
  • person goes complain on forums that we implement stupid stuff
  • ragequit after starting flamewar

Actually, .270 and .30-06 are incredibly similar. A .270 into a .30-06 would fire more or less fine, although you’d probably not engage the rifling very well, and the case itself won’t be reusable afterwards. I’d be confident that my hand won’t explode shooting it though. Think similar to the loading of the .380 into a 9mm. Safe to fire, just doesn’t perform well.

They really aren’t though. Contrary to popular opinion, the .270 is not just a .30-06 necked down - it’s based off the slightly different .30-03. Try to make some .270 brass from 06 brass and let me know if it was worth the effort.

Let’s look at the technical side of this for a minute.

The .270 and .30-06 headspace on the shoulder. While the headspace dimensions are nominally similar, they are not the same. The shoulder is by no means the thickest part of the case. Given that the operating pressure of a .270 is usually around 65,000 PSI, wheras max on a .30-06 is around 60,000 (assuming a fairly modern load anyway, older stuff is usually loaded quite a bit lighter and the guns from “back in the day”, which we’ll consider to be the 60s, will often have trouble with this), there’s trouble on that front too.

If you have a right handed remington 700, look at the left side of the action, right around where the chamber is. See that hole? It’s there to allow pressure to escape if the case ruptures because you’ve done something exactly like what we’re talking about here. Without some allowance like that, the pressure either comes back at your face, or out through the barrel - which way it goes depends on how tough your action is.

Besides headspacing on the mouth (which isn’t the thickest part of the case either, but won’t result in big troubles in the case of a rupture as everything will likely go out the barrel - the bigger issues with semi-autos in terms of overpressure and case design is an improperly supported web, which will give trouble and generally vent into the magwell if the gun isn’t designed to allow it to go elsewhere), the operating pressure of 9mm is only 35,000 or so, and the .380 is obviously much lower at 21,000 or so, you can’t really apply the same logic that “because it works there, it will work here”. That’s safe because you can’t really hurt a gun designed for 38,500 psi putting 21,000 psi worth of pressure in it.

You certainly can harm a gun rated for 60,000 PSI (and this assumes a fairly modern gun, mind you) by putting something running at 65,000 PSI into it. Will it blow up? Probably not, though I can tell you anecdotally that it can. Will it result in wrecking your extractor and possibly jamming a case in the chamber in such a fashion that just banging it out doesn’t often work? Absolutely. Yet the game treats this as an everyday activity. It also bungles the real world performance of the .270, but that’s not as much of an issue as it is just a game.

The other cartridge that comes to mind as having the same issue is running the .45 Super through .45 ACPs. Even amongst modern guns, and despite the cartridge being built exactly for that, there’s more guns out there that will not stand up well to it than there are guns that will. Same deal, I can tell you tons of anecdotal stories of guns requiring repair after someone has done just that.