Is Healing Slower Now?

I just switched from 0.D to a recent experimental build from a few days ago. My cyberjunkie with the poor healer trait doesn’t seem to heal at all when sleeping overnight. Since in 0.D my characters seemed to heal up about 50% or more of total HP per night, I assumed with poor healer being 1/3rd the rate that I’d still seem some healing every night, definitely every 2nd night, but I’m not. Was healing made a lot slower in general since 0.D?

Yes. Healing is much slower. You need to use bandages and antiseptic (and increase your First Aid skill) to achieve useful healing rates now. Demonstrations here:


Thanks, I’ve seen many of your quick tip videos, but either missed this one or forgot.

You can use anothersimularcrum’s fast healing mod too, it makes healing items much more effective, just remember to set obsolete: false, every time you update the game!WUlDnbCR!GA2mreMgcO304rGSaKnt_zlALncMDHdR9c7s-2ABJpA

Pay attention to how healthy you’re eating, too. Your hidden health stat has a big effect on healing rates, radiation and junk food and other nasty things will tank your healing rate hard.


Yikes. Cyberjunkie with Slow Healer? You better rip those Leaky and Itchy out ASAP, otherwise, as dr. Shen said, “well, you know…”.