Headshots through eyes/mouth?

If I wear a Heavy Survivor Helmet (covers 100% of the head) but I have nothing covering my eyes and mouth does that mean I can still be hit/shot in the “head” through my eyes/mouth?

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Depends on the level of damage the enemy dished out. There can be damage bleed through if the hit was hard enough. I haven’t checked out the heavy survivor helmet, so I don’t know if it covers the face at all.

wait, doesnt a 100% coverage of the head include eyes and mouth?, or it need to have the tags of eyes, mouth too?

You’d have to check the encumbrance on those parts, via the gear layering menu. I’m not with my PC, so I can’t check.

The coverage value only applys to the layers the armor piece specifies. If it’s not showing up on your eyes/mouth on the layer screen, they’re unprotected. I’ve taken zombie bites to the eyes while wearing a survivor helmet, I don’t typically go the heavy route.

get some ballistic goggles and a mask of some sort, easy solution