Haven't played since 0.D whats new?

Haven’t played in ages and want tips on how to play, any help would be lovely!

Well it depends how long you’ve been gone, but regardless glad to have you back!

Anyway, some main updates that were given to 0.F stable can be found here just scroll down to 0.F and read up.

But to summarize it:

  1. Nestled containers, meaning you can put things in a backpack, drop that backpack and not have all your stuff spill on the ground. Great for organizing.
  2. Achievements are added
  3. Proficiencies, the better you do a certain skill (like knitting or sewing) you gain a proficiency once you hit a certain level, without it there’s a higher chance of failure when it comes to crafting and it takes much longer to complete a project if you lack one or multiple proficiencies.
  4. Game runs smoother now
  5. Bleeding, character weariness from physical activity, and improved and updated armor values with ballistic defense in it’s own category.
  6. Armor now has “sections” allowing both you and other mobs to attack through an armor’s gaps.
  7. Currently bustling through the forums are the introduction of new factions like the Exodii. Exodii are dimension-hopping cybernetically augmented human refugees that hop worlds to escape the blob. Their purpose is to re-introduce CBM’s and other monsters like chicken walker robots back into the game without having to deal with weird lore or inconsistences. This allows the devs to be able to put in CBM’s that were taken out for being “too sci-fi”.

This means CBM’s are exodii-exclusive and can only be found through trading with them or dissecting specific monsters like zomborgs. Shocker brutes and other special zombies are now given their powers by blob-magic.

That’s pretty much it, off the top of my head.

But there’s also new features added back in 0.E if you’re interested in looking at it, found here.

I recommend looking through the item browser here to look at neat new items, it’s a huge help if you don’t mind a few spoilers on what or where things can be found.

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This is very helpful and exciting! :smiley:

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