0.F Frank release is here

After a long and anticlimactic buildup, we are pleased to announce the release of stable version 0.F “Frank” of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead! Like our previous stable versions, this release features an expansive range of bugfixes, code and content additions, and new features. 4,500 new game entities were added, 123,162 lines of source code were inserted, and 77,727 lines were deleted.

The goal was to have a smaller and more manageable release this cycle, which was an utter failure, as it took well over a year and by several measures was even larger than the 0.E cycle.

We’d overall characterize 0.F as a release with a lot of content and polish. Compared to 0.E, you may find it a little more difficult (the pendulum swings ever back and forth), but we think also more rewarding. The most obvious feature of 0.F is the addition of nested inventory, the ability to store items in containers and have them behave as you’d expect. This is probably the most long awaited and highly requested feature of the past five years of development. Besides pockets, 0.F features the addition of achievements for fun and bragging rights, a proficiency system to represent more refined skill knowledge, blood loss mechanics for you and your enemies, weariness that builds as you push yourself to your limits, vehicles that can drive up and down z-levels (and bridges that are above rivers, enabling more navigable rivers, as a result), and a vast host of new content from new monsters and evolutions to new quests and items. On the mod side, Magiclysm, Aftershock, and Dinomod have all grown expansively, including new artifact and enchantment systems that have impacted content in the main game. And much more, too much to list here.

Players coming from the last stable will notice a switch towards encouraging looting over crafting, especially in the early game, and will have to be cautious about overextending themselves in the beginning of their survival effort. As usual, you’ll want to avoid getting into combat with multiple zombies in an open area. However, you can also have ‘grab bags’ of useful gear and tools, allowing you to toss your loot sack to the floor to engage in an unencumbered melee battle with zombies! All in all, as usual, we’re deeply excited about this new version, and look forward to continuing to make your survival difficult in the months to come.


  • Nested Containers rationalize inventory management and enable dropping and retrieving go-bags during fights.
  • Achievements track your deeds and misdeeds across games.
  • Proficiencies better represent deeper knowledge required for various endeavors, mostly crafting.
  • Bleeding added to both the player and monsters as the first step toward a more comprehensive wound and wound treatment system.
  • Weariness tracking added to represent longer-term physical exhaustion.
  • Elevated bridges over navigable rivers added, allowing better navigability while using boats.
  • Large-scale audit of weapon and armor values for better representativeness and consistency.
  • Improved armor handling by separating ballistic damage into its own damage type.
  • Pervasive performance enhancements throughout the game.
  • Tileset vehicle support for more cohesive vehicle rendering.
  • Aftershock changes direction to a total conversion mod with a new far-future setting on a frozen world.
  • Dinomod added 238 dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mosasaurs, and dino-related NPCs with missions and dino locations.
  • Added many dino features, including zombie, fungal, evolved, bionic, baby, and mutant dino variants.
  • Dinomod added many dino interactions, including farming, riding, butchering, cooking, and special attacks.
  • Magiclysm added a huge content update including many new traits called Attunements that switch up gameplay at the endgame.

For a larger, but still incomplete listing of features, see Cataclysm-DDA/changelog.txt at bc28921102f05a092c103dd2af265439a9934d61 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub


Well done and congratulations. It is very impressive. Thank you!
May you always have a safe haven post-Cataclysm. :wink:

Praise be the two Fs Frank and Feature creep, long may they reign! :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically any plan for any project.

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Congrats! It’s weird that I was just talking about this release earlier without even realizing it was out yet.

First we had our flagship product, soon™, and the people enjoyed it. Then we introduced our followup product, sooner™, which also went over well. Now introducing out best product yet, now™! Get yours today! :grinning:
Joking aside, congratulations everyone! I’m going to play all day in celebration.

Fantastic, wonderful! Thank you as always for your hard work and dedication! I’ve been waiting for this release before I dove back in for what will no doubt be another countless number of hours playing a radioactive fishgirl.

Take care and thanks again!


amazing release, amazing new features and amazing overall experience…

but one thing in my first 0.F play test… the game seems much more heavier now, like there is slight second delay in moving a tile. is the Z-level now enabled by default?

Not only are Z-Levels enabled by default, they cannot be toggled off anymore. That’s not what causes performance issues though, at least not according to the FAQ; that was attributed to SDL library updates I believe.

Yeah, it is almost certainly SDL, try changing your renderer.


Good to know. I’ve been holding off playing again, until the NPC camp faction stuff got ironed out, and was considering playing again in the coming weeks. I’ll keep an eye out for this and change the renderer if needed. Thanks

Love the team’s work. This is an amazing game that keeps getting better.

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what is the recommended renderer? i usually use Direct3d renderer

I would try them all, I think directx11 is wanted?

Quite enjoying the current release! The much slower pace of crafting and labor is a welcome change, as are some of the changes to vehicle toughness, so that even armored vehicles are no longer untouchable zombie snowplows.

The combat has some unpleasant new quirks but those should be pretty trivial to address compared to all the new features and generally improved pacing of the game. Great work!

Where can I download TILES version of 0.F-3?

I don’t want to install Frank-3 from ubuntu repositories, just download tar.gz file. But I can’t find it in the cataclysmdda.org releases page nor in CleaverRaven’s github.


Build it by yourself

My main whine is that in the very early game you can get absolutely wrecked super quickly, even with a fairly high dodge and high melee and other fighty-level scores. It feels like I need to run and hide and be stealthy or a scaredy-cat even with something like 10.8 natural dodge score on my char screen even with less than 20 pts in encumbrance on any part. I am not even talking about buping around a corner into 20-30 zombies, but rather that maybe 1 or 2 fat zombies etc will just latch on and fuck me up badly even when by the stats I am looking at and used to depending on, I should be able to basically just hold auto attack as long as I pull them into a rose bush or windowsill etc first.

If my Torso encumb is over like 15 and legs get similar, I get a flat 15%-20% or even worse to a couple serious stats immediately, and it even feels like they’re being stacking against me, but playing nearly naked does’t help either super early, I legit cannot figure out how to play a baller melee figter early in and it’s become more about kiting now.

I noticed I get wrecked super quickly even when I stack the melee bonus traits etc like fast reflexes etc. The old “get a few layers of decent leather clothing and a leahter long-coat” stuff just doesn’t work and seems to mostly end with being grabbed like 80%+ of the time (a lot of the grab fails even with fast reflex say “your torso encumbrance makes it hard to X! You suck and fail !”)

I am totally cool with getting wrekt early on but it can drastically slow down basic stuff like finding a coffee pot or a hacksaw or pair of pliers etc, which ends up with trying to scavenge for a couple basic tools it’s not possible to make without an anvil and forge setup and welder tools and then oof, I get owned while sleeping after bandaiding up and trying to heal self in an basement or upstairs room somewhere…

It feels like the balance is forcing the player to find a working car harder and harder earlier and earlier, and that anything but “find a car within 1-3 hours and then drive around for the next half-day and night” is going to end badly because you just do not seem to be able to stop being grabbed even if you start with 5 or 6 pts in dodge and lure enemies into choke points and bushes etc.

I’ve already adapted but man, it’s harsh if you do not know what you’re doing and do not know how to approach the early game as an experienced player… Toggling sprint etc is not even a keybind that’s on by default, iirc? And I sprint away from stuff more and more just to get into my CAR, and DRIVE AWAY, in the last couple weeks irl.

Did I mention portal storms? That are almost literally just a zombie evolution fast-forward timesink where the player ends up hiding in a building or tent or car for 2-6 or 8 hours? Because that’s a great way to end up running into even nastier stuff super quickly as soon as the storm is over through no player fault. I’ve spent a lot of plays recently trying to optimize my skillups and such as quickly and early as possible however, sometimes you just get a portal storm and there’s jack-all you can do about it but hide and wait while you KNOW the zombies are evolving at 4.00 rate, outside.

It feels like I need to run and hide and be stealthy or a scaredy-cat even …

Well yeah. When there are no hospitals and access to medicine is not guaranteed, even the slightest scratches can prove deadly.

If my Torso encumb is over like 15 and legs get similar, I get a flat 15%-20% or even worse to a couple serious stats immediately…

Try putting on a 10kg backpack IRL and report if you can still move as fast as before.

I legit cannot figure out how to play a baller melee figter early in

You cannot. In an apocalypse scenario even the slightest injuries can kill you.

it’s become more about kiting now.

Learn to use ranged weapons. Archery is ok, slingshots are ok, throwing rocks is super ok.

It feels like the balance is forcing the player to find a working car harder an

Vehicles are a great way to escape danger and/or lure it away. That is how I did it early game: roll in with a car, honk, slowly move out with horde behind me. Then lose them somewhere on a field and go back to loot uninterrupted.

That are almost literally just a zombie evolution fast-forward

There are too many zeds. Stop and count the zeds and available beds in houses and you’ll see that there’s 4 zeds to a bed or more. So just reduce monster spawn rate to 0.25 or so. You can also reduce the evolution rate.

I’ve been trying to build it the last two days, with no luck. In fact, I was never able to build CataclysmDDA successfully. I’ve spent many hours on it but it’s a pain.

Previous versions of the game have a “Tiles” linux version for download. This one will not have it?

Unfortunately installing from ubuntu repositories it is not an option for me. My ubuntu is old (16.04) and does not have it in repositories.