Happy anniversary thread

Didnt the game launch like a year and seven days ago?
And nobody said anything? Like no thread, no main page post no, nada?


So yeah, happy (late)anniversary Cataclysm DDA! We hope you get to see many more! I baked cake! (no I didn’t)

And many thanks to the great people who have their dedicated their free time to work on! Specially to those of them that have been working on it from the start!

The cake John … the cake was a lie?!

Yeah, the 1 year anniversary of the site and DF thread was January 1 of this year. (The project itself can be traced back bit farther to when TDW started working on his version of Cata, which according to Github would be Sep 26, 2012 for when TDW made his “initial commit”, though it could have been worked on before that, it’s impossible for me to check the whalesdev forum thread to see when it was established, as the whalesdev forums no longer exist.)

Don’t worry about the cake im sure CDDA will be happy if you light a zombie bonfire while driving circles around it on a doomcycle.
Sooooooo, hop to it!

Thanks for keeping the “flame” alive John, even if it’s just a birthday cake candle :wink:
Been oh so busy moving and settling in at new job, hence lack of post, trying to nudge the code toward a release though.

KA101 rolls in an assortment of 55-gal drums, 30-gal drums, and aluminum kegs of the various mutagens… OK, and Purifier too

He selects a good assortment of flavors and inserts taps, then opens a few glass flasks and fills one each with Lupine, Bird, and probably Alpha, then pulls one at random for himself

Here’s to the devs, the community, and the game I never have time to enjoy anymore X-D. Thanks much and have at it, folks.

KA101 drinks his flask. Yum.

Cheers, Mates!

Mmm, tastes like super powers. P:

Here’s to a crazy year you guys. I haven’t actually been around here for that long, but I hope I get to eventually! C: CHEERS

[color=#00AA66]Raises his glass

Alcatraz staggers in, saying,“I love this game.”

[glow=red,2,300]He grabs a glass, adds a little bit of everything and raises his glass.[/glow]

"Yes! Let us drink to celebrate the anniversary of Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead! For the good times, as well as the bad times, where our characters get ripped apart by the unknown horrors of dimensions unknown.

Pulls some vodka out of the bag, as well as a plutonium cell, puts the plutonium cell in the vodka, and drinks it.

Zaweri sees a huge building with strobe lights. "They are partying, aren’t they? Time to join in the fun!"
Zaweri goes inside, grabs a beast mutagen flask, and heats it up with his toolset, and drinks it.
“You have gained the mutation Insanely Strong!” "You have gained the mutation Shouter!"
Zaweri lets out a beastly bark in the favor of Cataclysm.

The first version I uploaded to dropbox was on the 26th of February 2012, which is probably the initial seed of what became DDA.

That means we only have another month and a half until we can celebrate the TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :smiley:

What’s going on here?! An annualverasry thread? Lets look…

Everyone is having drinks all around of mutagen and stuffs


KA101 sends Ninja a glass bottle (three doses) of Spider mutagen

(Seemed appropriate: sneaky, dark-colored, climbs well?)

Wow. And does anyone know when Wales started? This game’s development has been going for quite a while then. Clearly everyone involved is invested and passionate about it…and the fans and players too. I think what’s been done so far is really getting to a good level of refinement.

I first came across the original version probably 1.5 years ago. I remember putting it on my course computer and having a good laugh with people while playing it…“watch out for all the Zs!” “what’s that d following you?” - “oh that’s my dog, he’s awesome”, and all the hard drugs casually lying around amidst cans of beans and stuff.

I like that more and more these days great games (and the great communities that grow around them) are being created by people without the need for the whole development/publishing company corporate stuff. Yay internet, it does the same for music, art, heaps of other things.

Nice one, keep it up.

Downs all three of the mutagen, resulting in 65% of them being bad because he never takes robust genetics

No cake? Haha!

Happy game anniversary! I am here just for the party.

Umm… so you guys are having a mutagen party?

Mochi chucks down several flasks with the Chimera label, then process to murder everyone


[size=8pt]P.S. Looking forward to the second anniversary.[/size]