How old are Cataclysm: DDA players?

Ignore the somewhat arbitrary age ranges I picked.
I’m sure plenty of our players are over 35, but I’m 19 and therefor everyone over 35 is the same age to me.

Eh, 14 I think, can’t quite remember right now.

Well, its a very wide variance, swing as this is a weirdly multinational game, with a lot of players that are very spread out.

Pretty much this with a majority of players being either from Murica or the Britian/Scotland.

Twenty-eight; I am an old fart.

Your making me feel old.

Your still young.

I`m fifteen. Dear god I feel young here now.

Eighteen as of now, but my maturity level will always be fixed at about twelve years old, I’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically I’m still 24 right now, but I turn 25 in 9 days so I put myself down as that!

I’m pretty blasted right now, but I’m pretty sure I’m 20, also I’m a Taurus.

30 this year ahhhhhhh

20 in less then a month. Teenage life is over ;_;

Me too…

17 at the time.

Exactly 20. Already own a shotgun even though I live in Russia.

The question is, when are you going maximum Slav and picking up an AK, Makarov and Saiga-12?

I’m pretty sure you get a Makarov along with your birth certificate in Russia.

19; will be 20 in April. I own a few butter knives, which is pretty dangerous for a British community member.

They only give out those things to the most prestigious of the SAS.