Half life for corpses and butchered remains

It always bothers me when I revisit an area weeks later and the corpses/fur pelts/rotted meat are still exactly where I left them. Are there any plans to implement a half life for biological items so they would disappear over time?


Loving the game and what’s being done with it.

It’s already been done for food, so e.g. meat chunks will spoil, then some time later disappear*.
Just need to expand it to handle other items that would decay, including whole corpses.

Amusingly enough, this is the foundation for what will be the farming system, because it needs to do the same kind of time-based transitioning of one item type to another.

*They don’t go poof, it gets checked the next time the map tile is loaded, so if you have a bunch of spoiled food lying around, leave, then come back, some of it will disappear.

Excellent. I did not realize the spoiled meat would slowly go away. Thanks!