Warming up the corpses

When you butcher a corpse you get items.
Since there is no temperature info for these items they will be set to enviroment temperature.
As a result your freshly killed deer can give frozen meat as if the corpse had frozen instantly.

I am fixing this right now by making corpses temperature tracked like foods are.

The small bug will be fixed. But as I wait for the code to compile on this slow computer I thought that the corpse temperature (and the related work) could be used for other things too.

  • Should frozen corpses not reanimate?
  • Also should frozen corpses be un pulpable? Would be a nasty suprise when spring comes and zombies melt.
  • Should frozen corpse renaimate into something else?
  • Make corpses rot. it is annoying to butcher a good looking corpse only to get rotten meat.
  • Other ideas?

Also this topic writing window is a great rubber duck. I had a problem on getting corpses to work with the temperature system due to how completely different corpse item is from food items (there is only one corpse item that gets all of its attributes set when it is created). Then I got a great idea for a hack workaround. It is also easily modifiable so we can later add more hacks expand this workaround to make other strange items temperature tracked with minimal work and no fear of breaking things.


I like it. My only qualm would be that pulping frozen corpses should be only with bash damage, and would be exponentially quicker the stronger you are and the better your bash weapon.

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Should frozen corpses not reanimate?

I’m indifferent to it, I’m auto-pulping all corpses anyway so wouldn’t see the difference most of time.

Also should frozen corpses be un pulpable? Would be a nasty suprise when spring comes and zombies melt.

I don’t think it’s a good idea, it would make winter raids much more annoying unless you have patience to gather and manually burn corpses. (which doesn’t sound very enjoyable)

Should frozen corpse renaimate into something else ?

Nice idea, especially if there is some variation depending on type of zombie before being frozen.

Make corpses rot. it is annoying to butcher a good looking corpse only to get rotten meat.

Very good idea, especially if it will happen out of reality bubble, too.

I wouldn’t mind if frozen corpses were more difficult to pulp than normal, requiring higher strength or a good bashing weapon, with chunks of tainted meat (frozen) being flung off in an icy arc.

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Seems strange to me that if I [W]ielding a fire axe, then I will not be able to [S]mash the frozen body.

A fire axe is 50/50 bash and cut damage, so it should still work for smashing most, if not all, frozen corpses (which makes sense). My issue is more with things like a combat knife being able to butcher a frozen solid jabberwocky corpse.

How about this:
Normal corpse bashing: Deal damage based on weapon damage (all styles equal)
Frozen corpse bashing: Deal damage based on weapon damage. bash > slash > stab. Overall reduced damage. If the weapon is too weak the corpse won’t get pulped at all.
The pulping doesn’t seem to currently consider the weapon at all after a quick look at the pulping code.

Frozen corpse can’t be butchered fully. Only partial butchery with longer duration and worse results.

I’m sure the people already upset about freezing food will adore this.

That being said I would like a way to warm up bodies quicker than dumping them next to a fire and waiting, but somehow I feel like heating a body by activating a frying pan is kind of off.

but somehow I feel like heating a body by activating a frying pan is kind of off.

For some reason my mental image for that is heating the pan, then just smacking it against the frozen corpse laying beside the fire.


What is result of pulping anyway? Why pulped body cant reanimate?

Essentially you smash up the creature to the point where it would just be a sack of meat and bone chips. Essentially the biomechanics would no longer be able to support the mass since you’ve turned most of the structure into something that more resembles juice pulp than a human being.

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But we can butcher pulped bodies, just as normal ones. And get bones and stuff.

Chainsaw has almost zero bashing damage and you saying i will not be able to prevent frozen Zed’s reanimation with chainsaw? My point is that if we want to prevent reanimation, than its better to just dismember them if tou have right tools. It takes only 30 seconds. Maybe we should default to dismember if we have tools, and if not…well, smash’em?

When do we get to craft a wood chipper? perfect for all season zombie disposal!

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Butchering a frozen corpse would require a saw, and I don’t think a frozen corpse could be pulped with anything less than a sledge. Well, if’n you intend to pulp it in any sort of timely fashion.

Frozen corpses are a step up from the weird territory they occupy at the moment. Corpses rotting would be great, since we should be able to tell without cutting it up, as would treating corpses like a potential food item in other ways. It would be cool if someday we could make rats on sticks from (gutted) rat corpses, or cook corpses of differing sizes to be eaten. Roast chicken, anyone? Though I know that would be pretty hard to set up as corpses are a pseudo-item linked to the creature, and therefore incompatible with the current recipe system.

Maybe a grill rack we could craft out of pipes for warming up large objects? That way we can warm up a frozen carcass quickly for butchering, and it might set a precedent for being able to roast stuff later.

Uh, anyway, I still think this is a step in the right direction.

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, but I have had corpses despawn after a couple weeks; leaving behind the items (clothes,items,etc)

Or did you mean the (rotten) flag being in the corpse name after a given time?

The game currently processes the rotting of corpses only when they come to view. So they arre not updated while you stay near them.
The corpse rot is not visible anywhere (not even debug) and is only used to despawn them (10 days of rot).

Pull request atm waiting will make them update same as foods. The rot status will be visible and used for the butchery results.

How long do corpses stay down anyway? Does it vary

In code it seems like a corpse in perfect condition can revive in 6 hours. After 48 hours it has 100% chance to revive.

Being burnt or badly damaged slows the reviving process.

int age_in_hours = to_hours<int>( age() );
age_in_hours -= int( static_cast<float>( burnt ) / ( volume() / 250_ml ) );
if( damage_level( 4 ) > 0 ) {
    age_in_hours /= ( damage_level( 4 ) + 1 );
int rez_factor = 48 - age_in_hours;
if( age_in_hours > 6 && ( rez_factor <= 0 || one_in( rez_factor ) ) ) {
    //Revive it

Good to know. Thanks for the info