0xA rotten tainted meat basement invisible consumer

That bug needs more research.

So, result: tainted meat from basement of my base disappeared.

How i got it:

  1. There was one crawler zombie in my basement
  2. I killed it, but forgot to butcher.
  3. I put my stuff in racks and went to the town.
  4. When i returned back, i see that zombie is alive and remembered i haven’t butchered him.
  5. I killed him one more time
  6. I butchered it
  7. I DIDN’T take it’s meat. In fact all the zombies i killed in this game and butchered drop some meat which weren’t taken by me at all.
  8. I started to craft a lot of fishing hooks (1 minute, can be made out from very sparse resource and raises fabrication skill)
  9. I went to the town one more time
  10. I back and see - no any traces of the crawling zombie left.

Now, my character in the center of the town and i’ll send screenshot of the basement as i return back.

Not a bug. Meat rots away to nothing after a period of time.

Is it one of those “it happens faster out of the reality bubble” things, and therefore since OP was no longer in the basement level it kicked off a faster decay rate on it?

Yeah it seems that when the reality bubble returns to decaying materials like that, the game tends to just check off the ones that can ‘evaporate’ and makes them vanish if they’re past a certain point of decay.

So that’s why milk is always rotten…