Another nobody trying to come in and "fix" everything

I only just recently started Seriously enjoying C:DDA, about 5 days ago in fact. I had attempted the game several months back, just after falling off the Dwarf Fortress bandwagon of about a few months itself. But now that I’ve seen some videos, used the dreaded “DEBUG FEATURE” (Yes I know say it ain’t so), and finally got the hang of surviving past day 1, I want to really get up to the levels it some players here are at. However, even though there is already an Item Browser courtesy of Shecon I’ve always liked the fluidity and dynamics of a game wiki. Thankfully, I just got a small vacation from work and decided to waste my time, according to my wife, spend my time wisely rebuilding every item and object I can get my hands on in the wiki. I’ll be listing everything I change here in case someone wants to go back and ruin all my hard work constructively correct my errors.

P.S. Apologies to previous threads like Litppunk’s, I am only posting this as a new thread so the changes aren’t lost among other posts in case I get the boot for some reason.

P.P.S. As an added “I have WAY too much time on my hands on this vacation” note, I’ll be linking each changed item with the wiki, again in case someone want’s to nitpick my work help with corrections. It is also notable that many templates will be slightly altered as I work in order to be as comprehensive as possible: Ammunition Template and Explosives Template have been updated so far.

Reloaded explosive slug:
Reloaded 9mm:
Reloaded 9mm +P:
Reloaded 9mm +P+:
Reloaded .38 Special:
Reloaded .38 Super:
Reloaded .40 S&W:
Reloaded .40 FMJ:

RDX charge:
RDX sand bomb:

Nitric acid:
Sulphuric acid:
Hydrogen peroxide:
Hydrogen peroxide (concentrated):

Firearm repair kit:

Sure, updating wiki is always appreciated. Except when it’s spambots, but that’s not really updating.

Just one thing which people often get wrong: latest experimental (not stable) is always the way to go.

gasp whats this. Newbies referencing ME! OHHH breaks out traditional Japanese fan and ignores all laws of machoness

anyways… Ima repeat what I said on another thread (tricks and tips?) use the classic RPG roles mod and grab one of them to help you get a decent early start so you can get a better feel for the game. Rogue is a good one since throwing is so good early game and simple to use till you get more used to the game. As for the modding I have intentions to download ALL THE RELEVANT CHEAT SHEETS and learn via them what retarded tutorials can never truly teach you. Some day soon when I get the time to recklessly waste spend on such endeavors. When I get around to it I would be honored if you and especially some of the pros could help tutor and misdirections and mistakes out of me >.> May be a little ways down the road though :frowning:

As for the wiki, I quickly realized I still lack the knowledge to tackle that as well as the patients (for now) I wish you better luck and will shoot any stubs/corrections needed I find your way if you like ^.^

[quote=“Litppunk, post:3, topic:10655”]gasp whats this. Newbies referencing ME! OHHH breaks out traditional Japanese fan and ignores all laws of machoness

The fan made me think of Urahara Kisuke for some reason.

Really appreciate the advice, though the wiki and now my attempt at a proper Handloading Mod
that won’t cause the canon/vanilla vet players to rip my throat out has me so engaged that I’m not sure I’ll be able to play again any time soon.

I doubt I’ll be much help since my coding knowledge is in old minecraft mods and a previous website dev business I used to run, niether of which I figure will help with this monster. But, I would very much appreciate someone sifting through my stubs and sending me corrections, at least I’ll feel validated.

on the jap-fan thing just going for general idea nothing specific especialy not some referance I don’t know.

happy to help in any way I can. With work I don’t get as much playtime as I like (along with my ADHD wishy washy and energetic attitude that rarely lets me play something “calm” like cata for extended periods.)

^.^ minecraft is always fun. My love of architecture and building intricate contraptions, systems, machines, and Rude Goldberg machines type stuff has me playing modded minecraft fairly often. (APOC gaming will probably remain my goto guys till I stop paying minecraft all together) though if you have a suggestion for another good community I am all ears.

poking messages at you will certainly be alot easier than messing with it myself when I don’t know how. I’ll iritate you to no end MWAHAAHAH no not really…probably.

good luck in your endeavors.

^.^ may your fortunes be great and your decisions wise.
(but not EVERYTHING go your way like that old Chinese curse that sentences you to eternal boredom like the spoiled)

Its a Bleach anime thing, a RL from my highschool days used to dress like the guy DAILY, it was weird, but he amazingly could pull it off. It was like cosplaying in broad daylight without looking like a freak.

On another minecraft note, I also built an entire “wild west” minecraft server from the ground up using plugins instead of mods so players could play with vanilla clients but still use guns/bountyhunt/ride horses/buy from NPCs/ride connected trains/mine in replesnising mineshafts/etc. It was fun, but I never completed the fine tuning and the few people that played it left for Pirate mods or Wynncraft. I have all the source files but the last build was from release 1.8.

And, thanks- I think? That went in an odd direction.

oh cool. I should probably watch that sometime… eventually.

UGGGGGhh vanilla. :frowning: I got bored when I kept getting to diamond and then going… so what now? nether is scary evil and the end is alwys super far away/impossibleish and xp takes FOREVER to build to Game ending levels.

ehh… yeah sorry bout that. I am an outlier to be sure. Though I think I make up for that (mostly?) by being ridiculously good mooded/nonplussed/calm-headed most of the time even (especially?) in life&death/ just really scary situations.

Quite a few more item updates, with the corresponding templates as collateral damage.

In case no one has noticed, I am shamelessly cataloging all the non-existent pages of items found in the Handloader’s Helper first. Who would have guessed.