Are hordes even possible?

So, after some knifegames with a bunch of zeds i find myself pretty badly damaged and with the night falling upon me I had to hide in an apartment tower. Nothing hard, cleared some rooms and luckily found antibiotics to cure some infected bites. Had an hard time sleeping, anyway with the pain reducing thanks to the antibiotics i finally close my eyes. But when I thought i finally could had some rest i hear a wack coming from the room next to mine. Still midnight, I use my night-vision ability to creep around,it was just a couple of zeds that was lurking around, disposed of them, closed the door and went back to sleep. In the early morning (7am-8am) another sound woke me up, so thinking about another couple of zeds i go check in the same room of the last night, but as soon as I open the door a zombie burst in, took care of him with some hits, but behind him there are more of them, so i close the door, and run for the terrace of the apartment, just to find about 15 zeds from normal to boomers and even spitters wandering around. That’s it, I start running close to the wall, to attract less crowd possible but that’s not enough, I got surrounded and pushed into another apartment. obviously the door was locked and fought my last battle there.

After this, a question popped up in my mind, are hordes programmed in the game? Were those 2-3 zeds i fought in the midnight the “vanguard” of this imminent disaster and should have escaped as I killed them? Or it’s simply the fact that I was playing on dynamic spawn mode? Maybe the dev of CDDA just wanted my poor character die.

So I would be glad to have some clarification about the game mechanics (Please don’t kill me just because I play in Dynamic S. Mode)

Yeah, its you playing in dynamic. (or so im guessing)

It’s because you are playing on dynamic mode. I’m not sure to what was it related to, but you give off smell, and I think they spawn off that. A zombie might break a window during those few hours - boom, Dynamic spawns more zombies because sound, and so on.

A lot of variables that could spawn them. The trait “Inconspicous” (I think it was spelled like that), prevents as many enemies from spawning on you when you are standing still (eg. sleeping), for that very reason. (They will spawn, but less)

When I used to play with Dynamic spawn, it was quite normal to sleep in the city, and next you know - Outside of your house are 50+ zeds ready to chomp on your sweet, sweet flesh.

They also spawn based on noise, so a zombie starts battering down your door there’s probably going to be a few more very soon.

I think that could have been the problem even if those 2 zeds where there at midnight but the rest of the horde came up at 8 o’clock, I think they was around there already at Midnight but someone in the morning smelled a fresh meal and ruined my day :smiley:

Sleeping in dynamic you either want to be well out of zombie spawning areas or get serious about traps around your base (eg, multiple layers of pits and other traps)

Indirect warfare is your friend. And prepared defensive positions.

Pits, traps, controlled fires.
Most important recommendation- dont get into fights with hordes.
Run, sneak, burn half the forest.
Just dont have stand-up fights in the open.