Gods Guns-mod - new update clothing and weapons! 0.3

Actually started this as a joke well not me origin was discord,
but here we are done in a couple of hours of boredom.

If people want me to continue this comment and give me ideas.
I’ve posted a todo list and I need to change values and such.
I also need to update names suggestions would be nice.

Gods descended his favourite tool for finishing the job.
well, when it comes to zombies all hell has broken loose.
his most magnificent gun he didn’t send to any mere mortal.
But the purest and most needing…
He gave this upon to you. God said I giveth to you and broughteth I have.


  • 1 op gun - gods_gun

  • 2 mags - gods_magazine and gods_extended_magazine

  • 2 ammo variants - gods_caliber and gods_caliber_worn

  • 1 spawn location - church

  • 1 recipe - make gods_caliber

  • 1 uncraft - uncraft gods_caliber_worn

  • 5 new gun_mods - gods_laser, gods_brass_catcher, gods_stock, gods_scope, gods_grip

  • 2 new weapons/tools - “gods_war_spear” and “gods_warhammer”

  • 3 new clothing - “gods_robe”, “gods_sandals” and “gods_glow”

todo -


  • Clothing - gods robe and gods sandles - thinking about a halo/glow that you can wear
  • Wepons - spear, hammer, hand variants, cupids bow - no ammo,
  • Holy hand grenade
  • Npc- god him self - might not see what people say then I might make dialogue
  • See if anyone wants to make tiles for this

Download here