More weapons, more locations, more monster

i have played this game for so long and i love it but somehow i feel like there’s need to be more added into the game, and after some consideration and observation i can only suggest these few things that i would to love to see in the next build of the game :

1, Add more Unique weapons and variation.

since i learn that there is a unique weapons inside the game, my mind keeps popping up with numerous ideas about weapons and stuff, some of them that i still remembered (mostly forgotten due to incident in Science lab) is :

  1. MZ-94
    an Assault Rifle designed by corporation named Strike Inc. designed as the first Assault Rifle loaded with .50 BMG caliber, this weapon is devastating and considered to be used only in situation where firepower is truly needed, due to its design, the weapon can only be fired in Semi-auto or 3-shot burst fire. the main flaw of this weapon is that the recoil is somewhat hard to control and the noise can be heard from far away, making this weapon an emergency-type weapon.
    (MZ-94 is based on real life AN-94 but altered to be chambered in .50 BMG, this idea is based on a funny bug during my gameplay session where an M4A1 was fully loaded with .50 BMG ammo)

  2. Keris
    (i don’t know if its allowed to suggest real life melee weapon but let me know…)
    (Illustration above)

Keris is an ancient Dagger from Indonesia, known for its winding shape and sharpness on its point and both side. making it a great melee weapon in close quarter combat. some of this Keris is believed to contain an ancient magic from Kingdom era and made from strong material which makes it durable.

  1. Tesla Gun

Tesla Gun is a weapon capable of firing highly concentrated electricity to enemy, using battery as the main power, this gun can deliver electricity up to 20.000 volt to enemy in an instant thanks to its electricity amplifier, but never expect this gun to be useful in a long fight as the gun really drain the battery really fast.

not just weapons, i also have suggestion for more location in the game, which is :

  1. Illegal Gun Storage
    this place is where the military and law enforcement kept some illegal weapons they found before Cataclysm hit, this place is known to keep the most dangerous weapon ever found and some of this weapon has categorized as weapon capable of apocalypse-scale destruction. not just the weapon, the ammo itself also placed in this place but thanks to its high security and turrets all over the place, this place is truly a danger if one consider to loot this place as they have to bring decent weapon and military ID card to access all the area of this place.

  2. underground camp
    before Cataclysm hit, we already know that sometimes homeless people live in underground places but now with Cataclysm hit the world, a secure underground is what survivors are looking for and this place is where you can find survivors of the Cataclysm, an Underground camp. this place is where you can find hobo and survivor hiding from the swarm of monster above ground, but not all camps are also safe as the bandits can also be found raiding this camp and killing the survivors too.

  3. Satanic Church & Hidden Mass Grave
    before Cataclysm, people always making theories and conspiracy about hidden cult living among us, now with Cataclysm, that thing goes true for this place, it may look like an ordinary church but its hidden in the middle of the forest and has reversed cross mark on it, beside it are also mass grave hidden from plain sight (victim of sacrifice?) and one must take care as this place is not fully abandoned and an nightmare abomination may be found in this place.

with the weapons and location, i also suggest these monster as they can add some challenge to the game :

  1. Vampire
    before Cataclysm, people love some vampire movie, especially a love story about a human with a vampire. but now the cataclysm hits and this fictional creature comes true. this monster lurks in the shadow and hates sunlight but when the sun set down and night comes up, they appear and ready to hunt any survivor living in the cataclysm. but fear not as this vampire is nothing more than a specially mutated zombie that instead of eating flesh and brain, it only sucks your blood so you can kill it with any weapons, especially silver one.

  2. Naked Zombie
    apparently seeing a zombie wearing bikini is not enough to make this cataclysm seems chaotic, now you see a zombie wearing nothing, wandering in streets waiting for unaware survivor to pass by. this zombie is just like any zombie you can see swarming on the street but without clothes and more rotten than others. must be a victim of death by snu-snu or bathroom invasion by zombies.

  3. Siren
    ever believed in a mermaid? because this cataclysm has awakened this mythical creature from its eternal sleep, can be found in lakes and river. this is a zombie that has been mutated into half-fish and half-human which for a survivor who wants to cross a river/lake is a bad news as they can swim fast and hunt down any survivor who dare to swim. but due to its rotten origin, it is a weak monster and can be killed easily.

  4. Satanic Cult member
    can be found in satanic church, this is a human possessed by demons and turn into an inhuman abomination with great strength and fearsome looking, the only sign that this was a human is its torso as its limb is fully replaced by a tentacles.

  5. Satan
    who would expect this Cataclysm has invited the king of hell itself into this world? with inhuman strength and those who see it will shiver in fear, this creature will torture, murder, and consume any survivor who dare to attack him.

  6. Succubus
    apparently not just the king of hell itself is invited, the queen of lust is also invited… found deep inside caves and satanic church, this monster will try to hypnotize you with her almost-naked body and kill you, consuming you in the end. but if your character has Psychopatch trait, she will instantly attack you and try to kill you.

that’s all my suggestion for this game, let me know if there is something need to be explained/changed.

I’m not sure the weapon variation is needed outside mods. For example, how is a tesla gun different from an arc rifle? How is a kris different from a punch dagger?

Your post seems to have been cut off before you finished, but extra locations and monsters are definitely things we all agree the game could use. Why not learn to make them? There are really good docs and guides for how this stuff is done - far better than most open source games I’ve checked out before - and while intimidating, JSON isn’t that hard to learn. I’ve gone from “never looked at it before” to having multiple changes to the game’s code underway and just about added, in the course of a week.

More content means more contributors. Joooin usssss.


for weapon variation, what i mean is i would like to see a variation in weapon choice like inside game we can find Barrett M107 anti material rifle, i want to see its variation like Barrett MX9 assault rifle, Barret M82 like that.

yes… sorry, it was cut off because of sudden bluescreen and random keywords pressed (short-circuit on USB)

i would like to join development but i need some time to understand the coding basics (i have no skill in programming)

Well, a lot of what you’re describing - such as gun lockups containing apocalypse scale weaponry, or Satan itself - don’t really fit into the main design of the game. However, they’re exactly the kind of things you can put in mods, and mods are a really good way to learn to add stuff.

Try going to your data/mods folder and look at how some of the mods that add guns and weapons do it. It’s surprisingly straightforward.

I am a firm believer that variety is the spice of life. I, personally, like when there is a multitude of available locations and weapons.

So what if an in-game athame, dagger, and knife have the same stats. It’s variety and flavor. So what if a mod adds six new takes on the same basic grocery store?

So, personally, I would suggest modding the hell out of things and making whatever you want. Mainlining it, eh, isn’t my scene, I don’t know what gets accepted and what doesn’t.

But I believe there should be about a billion items and locations and monsters, and I don’t mind if some are similar takes on things that already exist.

More weapons and such wouldn’t be that hard to make a mod for, the scripting used in jsons is fairly straight forward, as other suggested look up an existing mod that adds guns, or creatures, locations seem to take a bit more work. As for the suggestions, may contain spoilers

  1. Sounds a lot like the military bunker they can have good weapons, and require Mil IDs to open the doors.

  2. Interesting I know there have been some additions to the sewers not sure if it includes a camp of a bunch of hobos brewing there own shine, there are moonshine camps out in the world, so the items are already in game to add here.

  3. There are already mass graves in the game, and cult houses that are normally hidden in the woods.


  1. There are some vampire mods out there, may add some of the other creatures mentioned, never tried any of them.

  2. What is the point of a naked zombie? They will not be anything special graphics wise until a tileset maker, makes a tiny little sprite for them, it would just have a description, but monsters can be added as easy as weapons with a mod.

  3. Interesting concept, not sure why it would be weak, maybe the lore I’ve heard of sirens is different from the, rotten origins one. But like the other rather deadly creatures in rivers, not much a threat as few people spend much time swimming across a river

  4. Already cult members in the game, just to my knowledge not specified to specific religious lore, and they have some friends with them who can stun you, like hypnotizing would, you could base your new ones off them

  5. Not sure how this would go over with some people as it does imply that Satan is real, and not all religions have Satan as an evil figure, there by validating one religion over others, there are already demonic/devil creatures though, Whaley’s weird world adds cryptids, including the Jersey devil which is vary similar to a lot of myths about how Satan would look.

  6. Also interesting concept bringing in creatures that are considered myth, but are really from the other dimensions, the hypnotizing would fit better with the siren, as the half naked (whats up with the naked things anyways) as their song is said to entrance men, and the mermaid versions didn’t wear cloths. Aren’t most myths of succubus that they have a glamour that shows them as extremely beautiful, until they reveal their true horrifying form before they eat you/suck out your life force. Not sure why they would attack a psychopath over trying to consume them.

Overall though up to you, take a look at what there is and see about modifying them to fit your desires. If nothing else you will learn something new about how to do the mods. If you stop by the discord you should be able to get help with making the mods, as some of the people who have contributed good mods, hang out there.

Have you tried the arcana mod it adds some mystical stuff, possibly creatures, haven’t tried it myself.

There is also a mod out there I have heard about that I believe adds Oriental mythical creatures like the Oni again haven’t tried it. Might be worth looking up to try out, or base some creatures on.

great feedback from you guys… :grin:

@Wayticus : great feedback there, i also considering to create my own mod after learning some JSON codes on github.

@TheMurderUnicorn : i will try… thanks.

@Erk : very well… making mod seems interesting to me.

note : if you asked what’s with the word “naked”… i found another bug/random madness in my game session where a random human npc walks around carrying a gun, naked… how it is happen is unknown, it is another random madness in my game session.

I ran into one NPC who is naked, and lives a bee hive, not sure if they had a gun I didn’t get too close cause they were not friendly. Also technically any zombie who gets back up is naked cause for some reason when things die all their clothes fall off.

Just like real life.

We’re born naked and we die naked.

dank, that’s a strong quote for a cataclysm scenario XD