[GMC] Goats Mod Compilation V 0.1.8 now with GMC.exe

I’m glad to see someone taking the lead on maintaining mods. And you’re so organized too, it’s very cool.


thank you malkeus its time taking but I’m getting there I’ve updated and or fixed around 10 mods already because E was released i want to get this finished. id like to play a long game a cata soon lol, but there will still be errors in-game for various reasons I’ve seen but I can find so many errors as I don’t play a lot of the mods wish more people would post errors on here or github.


fixed loading errors for a few of the mods for my own use, figured i’d share

be warned bootleg walkers will still throw the ‘scrapbot_packed’ error if you ahve it loaded before modular turrets


I can fix that with a dependency, only thing is you will have to use both, some mods are fixed that you have sent thanks thought I’m gonna compare the code see what’s what.

you literally have the same code for wild living as me, vamp stuff has 1 difference and there no difference to bootleg walkers I’ve added 2 mods to the pack that you sent, your JSON files seem to be cleaned up from what I have though.

can i ask what you changed? i fixed bootleg walkers last night it works fine

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fixed a boatload of loadscreen errors for wildliving related to the absence of construction ids and descriptions, same deal for log tweaks, updated vamp stuff arcana to reflect new sym formatting, changed a starting location in freeform start so it won’t throw an error. In bootleg walkers I should have fixed 40mm ammo errors

also fixed martial arts errors with more survivor stuff and vamp stuff, those r now in the dropbox link

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@TheGoatgod I’m pretty transient with games so I dunno if adding me as the maintainer would be a good idea.

For Blazemod I ended up grabbing the WIP version that Soup de Loop was/is making last week when I made my world and haven’t gotten any errors from updating to the latest experimental. It seems the changes that Malkeus made were already included in it.

I dont know if its the newest Update but some mods dont seem to load or work right:

-Arcana and Magic Items
-Battle Maid Redux
-Community Aftershock
-Nechronica Redux

Most of other mods seems to work fine. Is it possible at least to fix Battle Maid and Nechronica ?


I believe that Arcana has been recently updated by Chaosvolt, check it on GitHub - https://github.com/chaosvolt/cdda-arcana-mod

Here are links to fixed Nechronica Redux, Reaper scythes, More Tea Leaf and Ninja mods respectively

  1. https://mega.nz/file/bMk0SKqC#eQ2Yb0OMYiI1cS84FEV0gZoiLcsulhNdxs_hMksorRc ;
  2. https://mega.nz/file/uAFwDQTY#1vb0URAr4dPBWiAKrpJrdNUDKJdvFCPgt7gLjDS7f9o ;
  3. https://mega.nz/file/7AkhADRA#iHQk68Fo30OHDW97RQP1802LoTtrzAObj8nizsm94dA ;
  4. https://mega.nz/file/PRkgSaqI#6ESdJpEnBp9aGfLaQbKtWbsy8yIZH1QBz-pt7B1vjMU

Added reaper sickles mod, More Tea Leaf works perfectly fine now

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iirc battle maid requires the boats mod. you can either remove the requirement for boats mod from battlemaid’s modinfo.json or remove the obsolete flag from the boats mod.

Chances are there will be more errors, but the majority of the mod should work

yeah i have done this allready i dont get errors with these mods you have mentioned, i had to remove something from freefrom start that threw an error up as well

I have it but it doesn’t work for E, guys I think you aren’t reading the first post @Valerij_Bosch especially and @Kenan every mod works for E, they wont be updated as id need to fix diffrent things to get the updates to work, as the mod stands is how it will be released for E stable

that means this is for stable E. not experimental. if you are getting errors on experimental you will have to wait for the E release of the mod pack before I start working on experimental sorry.

if you cant get battle maids to work you need to go into my obsolete folder and copy the mods into your data/mods. Im going to have to make a tutorial video to help some people i think…
actually all you need to do is download E… battle maid works

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stop posting issues here please make a github account and post them here Issues

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@TheGoatgod i’m not sure what you mean by me not understanding something, if it takes you a long time to upload these updates to GitHub, I don’t mind.

All i’m doing is trying to help you and others with mods to make them work, yesterday I was fixing and checking individually 175+ mods so I thought that hey, if all segmentation errors are fixed, maybe I post this on discourse and help out Goat so that new peeps who search for mods won’t have to be bothered by such problems

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sorry, I think you get it, I’m not bothered by you helping, atm all the mods work I made the video because of bosch said some mods done work for experimental sorry I just woke up when I wrote on here, I shouldn’t assume. thank you for sending me the fixes though ill make a move on experimental soon last few things I need to do is update documentation and do translations, fix mods that need to be translated and the pack will be done for E, and yeah checking all the mods is a bit of a pain and I can’t thank you enough for going through them.

just atm they update won’t be added in, this part is finished for E and for experimental they will be added when I get onto it expect me bk on experimental before the end of next week. but once I see tows added to experimental there might be a big delay in updates, I havent been able to play this, cause when I’ve finished fixings mods I don’t feel like playing and when I do I end up running into problems either in real life or in-game.

I’m gonna remake the tutorial I feel as it was more of a dig than what I wanted ( i woke up in a bad mood)
but everyone who thinks this is for experimental its not atm it’s for E. as I stated in the first post don’t worry though I will catch up and I shouldn’t have jumped the gun this morning

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I just don’t get why for E arcana update doesn’t work, but for experimental it does. it’s a bit of a bummer it gives an error that shouldn’t be a thing and I don’t want to break other mods and make more work to do
actually tows were added today :slight_smile: I will finish E then make an experimental branch then I have to say ill prob be quite for a few days weeks as I’ve been waiting for tows since before E was announced

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@everyone if you know how to fix or have a fix for jury rigged robots i want it i have no clue on how to fix it :frowning: i need help with this one as i dont see why it spews errors up :frowning:

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What kind of errors?I’ve launched the game with jury rigged robots from your compilation and it flawlessly works for me here, well many mods give me small errors like deprecated colors and etc but these are minor and they don’t cause crashes

Just checked Jury-Rigged-Robots. It’s a quick fix: Open up jrr_items.json and remove all "revert_to": "null", lines you can find (there should be 14 of them). Not sure why they were there in the first place, but they cause the warnings for type [BOT_NAME]: invalid revert_to property null error. I’ve tried to place some of the bots ingame, they seem to work fine without that line :slightly_smiling_face: .

Also while you on it (in the same file), there is the wrong “hostile” message for the skaterbot. It calls it “smokehack” ("hostile_msg": "You misprogram the smokehack; it's hostile.",).

A recent update seems to be breaking modded MA styles? Both Cataclysm++ and Fallout gave me irreconcilable errors on startup related to bracket type in defining MA styles.

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