GlyphGryph, GalenEvil, and kevingranade interviewed on the Jace Hall Show site

Like the title says, we did an interview with the Jace Hall Show website, it ended up being way more fun than I expected :smiley:

Now this is how we get famous, gentlemen.
The more blogs talk about us, the more recruits new players join our sect the community, the closer we are to world domination being a famous game.

Great read.

Though as I’ve said before, this game has the most beautiful ASCII graphics I have ever seen. The only ASCII game before this I had played was Dwarf Fortress, and even that was with a tileset, so I’m not sure if that counts.

Everything is just quite simple, and a friend of mine who had never even seen an ASCII game before got used to in a matter of minutes. I just think some people don’t even want to try and SEE what cartain symbols represent, ending up just being lazy and complaining on the forums about tilesets, but whatevers. Semi-Rant over.

YOUR welcome!

you guys are doing a great job getting the word. anything the rest of us can do to help?

If you know of a site, podcast, or similar that discussing cataclysm would be on-topic for, let them know about the project, and be sure to point them at, since that’s a good place to pick up contact info for GlyphGryph.