Website design/dev work

May not be the right place to put this – I’m a web developer, and am trying to find who to contact about lending a helping hand to the CDDA website’s design and code.

I’ve got quite a few ideas on ways I could contribute (getting the site code/theme up on Github, SEO and analytics work, etc.), but am also open to helping with whatever the current needs are.

Anyone know who’s the best person to reach out to?

I know GlyphGryph did a huge amount of work a few years ago but only stops by from time to time to check on things. I’ve seen him in the something awful thread from time to time if you have an account there.

I’m not sure there is much will to change stuff but you can ask around in Github. Create an issue.

Totally happy to have changes, but I don’t think we’ve had a web dev since GlyphGryph.

The website could use a little touch up.
Most notable would be the lack of links to the x64 experimentals, and a few broken links for older versions of the game.

Maybe even just have a section that is periodically updated, says something along the line of ‘Hey, this experimental version is quite stable, use this one for now:’

What about also making it more aesthetically pleasing? There are lots of roguelikes with awesome pages out there, Cara definitely deserves one! Though I don’t know if that is what you want to work on, sorry if I bothered.

GlyphGryph is in control of the game website, domain and hosting ( If you want anything done, you will have to get in touch with him one way or the other. I think he might be looking for someone else to host it eventually since he is not involved with the project anymore. A recent related discussion can be found here.

A good initial step would be to find a new hosting that supports your technology stack. I could potentially do the hosting and offer you credentials if that can help depending on your stack. If it runs on linux, I can probably host it. Having the new website on a Github repository with a permissive license would be nice too.

Having someone that could do regular content and add it on the website would be nice as well.

Manpower is the main lacking ingredient.

Could always host it on neocities :smiley: