Glue recipes

Superglue recipes right now include ant egg or alternately bleach.

The bleach one seems odd to me. I don’t know how you’d make glue out of a bleach. Maybe I don’t know much about chemistry.

I do know you can make glue out of connective tissue or starchy vegetables.

So maybe we just drop the bleach alternate recipe and change it to:

(ant egg

Omg, flour - I just had the biggest papier maché flashback there. Potato flour glue!

You could boil bones (takes a long time) to get gelatin, which can be used in glue making processes as per your ‘connective tissues’ comment.

You need a good chem set to actually prepare the ingredients needed to acquire super glue. You know, calcinator an stuff. Then you get to mind numbing work, a slow reaction will yield a substance that is merely as adhesive as duct tape.

I think the reasoning behind that (if there ever was one) was that one of the two ingredients for superglue is formaldehyde, which can be synthesized from paraformaldehyde, which is a common ingredient in various disinfectants and fungus killers, similar to bleach.

And a note on animal product glue, but unless you do some serious processing afterwards, almost all animal based glues come out very similar to the white “school glue” that you find in stores for use by little kids. Useful, but not quite to the metal bonding level that superglue mainly appears to be used for in-game.

Yeah, very true i2amroy. The ingredients I was thinking of bear closer resemblance to the stuff holding my violin together. Which reminded me of rosin, which reminded me of turpentine.

Rosin and turpentine are both made from pine pitch, which, fresh, is a pretty damn gluey substance. Again not superglue levels, but if it weren’t for trees being generic ‘trees’, I’d be up for saying make a few slashes into one and use pine goo as a potential adhesive haha.

Well, Pthalocy, pine does have an adhesive odor, but it’s due to evolutive endeavor to defend its bark. Anyway, that pine of yours had hundreds of thousands of years to decay with other flora and fauna in course of becoming oil, gas and ofc harder fuel. It’s that gooey feel one has with oily substances that leads to oil refinement, which gives many great stuff - plastics, gasoline, even soap. One method of refinement yields us glue.
So, if you had crude oil, theoretically you could produce a strong adhesive.

Crude oil for adhesives - yes! Cool idea possibly.

When I’m talking about pine goo though, I’m (mentally) referring to the one on my property which drips pitch while alive without any provocation, and once it’s on our back deck it does not come off.

Actually This gives a couple super basic uses for pine resin. I should research this more haha.

[quote=“Pthalocy, post:7, topic:1225”]Crude oil for adhesives - yes! Cool idea possibly.

When I’m talking about pine goo though, I’m (mentally) referring to the one on my property which drips pitch while alive without any provocation, and once it’s on our back deck it does not come off.

Actually This gives a couple super basic uses for pine resin. I should research this more haha.[/quote]

Just cut a tree and collect the resin that forms over the gap. Melt it and remove the impurities and you will create a “use on the spot” super glue.

This is true, although plenty of the “superglue” recipes would not require superglue. Like bandages (IIRC).

Perhaps we could differentiate between the recipes that really need superglue and the ones that just need basic adhesives.

If bandages are using superglue, my assumption is that it’s being used in the place of stitching. I’ve seen that quite a few times, they use a sort of crazyglue for minor injuries in hockey to seal up cuts and let the players get back on the ice, practically no downtime to sew.

I don’t know, Bandages are the less powerful option compared to “First Aid.” I think of Bandages as actually being like sterilized cloth with adhesives:

It’s not really appropriate to expect Bandages to close something that needs stitches… “First Aid” shouldn’t even really be able to do that by itself, and First Aid is more powerful than Bandages.

Of course when we are talking about things that require stitches we are talking about a different, more realistic description of wounds beyond “-10 HP” or w/e.

Yeah, this is probably the closest, though they are probably a sort-of halfway between a bandaid and an actual bandage in size such as this:

Especially considering that the recipe for bandages calls for 3 rags and alcohol to sterilize it.

Yeah, above posters, you got the right idea. If the adhesives being made aren’t true SUPERGLUE (they sure act like it but the recipes suggest other glue types as previously stated), then it makes sense they’d be holding bandages on, and not the edges of the injury itself together.

I just like the idea of gluebandaids because they’ve saved me a lot of trouble irl.

Just reading through and thought that this is a great topic to be looked at. Some directions that I think that this should go in are splitting up what needs superglue in crafting and what just needs regular glue. And after that we could look at how to make the two (in a post apocalyptic environment).

And just to brighten my day I feel like poking fun at Pthalocy (just fun, not actually questioning you)

This is pretty regular, nothing interesting there, except for …

That part is a bit more concerning :slight_smile:

I’m actually training to become a dental hygienist, that’s the best part.

I’m not gluing other people back together, it’s just a persona :wink:

Though if I keep up my education and go into orthodontics, I’ll get to play with that cool glue they use for braces that solidifies under UV light. That stuff’s fascinating.

So, you admit of being a fairy. A tooth fairy? :smiley:

Bit of a stretch, that joke, but nice try.

I fully admit to being more willing to stick my hands in people’s nasty mouths than I am in doing endless amounts of number crunching in research psychology, but I don’t think there’s anything magical about that. Besides, tooth fairies give you money for teeth lost; dental businesses usually take money and teeth. More lucrative I would imagine.

Anyway I don’t want to derail the thread more than this haha.

Back to glue.

Well, cohesion is what dental-o-matic diddly-does, so I get your angle in this topic.
Also, one of the nicest, busiest and calmest dudes I met in the past few years was a dental specialist.

But don’t forget spiders - if you befriend one, you won’t have to pay for glue with your bone. :slight_smile: