Recipe Suggestions

Figured we could use a thread for this. I have a couple to start.

  • Dehydrated human flesh probably shouldn’t be a possible ingredient for protein powder, as it lets you get nutrition from human meat without being considered cannibalism. Maybe add People Powder that lets you make Schmuck Shakes or something?

  • It’s the apocalypse, I think I can probably live with putting forest honey on my waffles and pancakes in place of uncraftable and relatively uncommon maple syrup.

  • Oh yeah, pretty sure human broth needs a “will rot” tag applied to it.

In that vein, sugar beet syrup should probably work too. Actually, sugar beet syrup should probably a viable alternative for many recipes which take honey or maple syrup.

Can we add meat jerky/seasoned meat or even a croc-pot style meal to a ‘set-and(-dont)-forget’ style stove? charcoal kiln kind of?

‘Rat poison’ for dogs or other canine trackers.

‘Rotten Soup’ or some other method of using ‘old’ or rotten meatstuffs to try to eat it.

like the idea of a rat poison for tracking not-(yet)-hostile creatures

Not sure about the rotten soup thing though… unless someone can come up with a way people have made real edible food out of spoiled nastiness.

Dynamite cream pie.

Requires ignition source to activate.

Activate to light.

Throw at target, if hit, sticks to target.

Run the fuck away.

Requires Milk/Condensed Milk/Powdered Milk, Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Egg/Powdered Egg, Clean Water/Water, Some kind of fruit, one stick of dynamite/pipe bomb

If successful it adds +20 morale because you lol’d

Or you could get mutations (Eater Of The Dead for Rat and Chimera)/bionics(Expanded Digestive System) that let you eat rotten stuff.

that doesnt sound like the crafting-based game I fell in love with :v

Nor is it that much of a stretch for a starving survivor to heavily season slightly spoiled meat in an attempt to broil it into something paletable.

^ that I can understand. But crafting bad food into edible food, not so much. Would enduce some penalties.

It’d be quite cool to batter and deep fry meat like we can with fish.

Just so you know, you can dehydrate rotten or spoiled meat/veg/fruit and make it edible by cooking it into something new.

I’d like it if methacola could use energy cola as well as dark cola.

Or hell maybe just any kind of soda. I mean how picky do I need to be when civilization is over and I’m slopping meth into things to drink.

People powder would be a nice addition. We could call it soylent green.

People powder would be a nice addition. We could call it soylent green.[/quote]

I’m not sure how many internet points you won for that reference, but I’m pretty sure it’s all of them.

Was just about to PR it, but I’m trying to create some form of signal transmission system for my assignment right now.