Video tutorial series for contibutors?

Sorry if this is the wrong subforum.

I looked for it on here but I couldn’t find a tutorial about contributing to the game. Not much results on youtube eighter. I was wondering if there is any interest in such a series? I’ve been contributing a couple of weeks (just small things) and i’d be sad if someone out there is holding back just because they don’t know how to get started, getting used to github ect.

I know there are written tutorials and I learned mostly from that. But for some it helps to see how things work in practice before attempting. So please let me know if anyone is interested.

I think it’d be useful, especially if you set up a working local github environment too. What platform do you use?

I’m using Windows. By working github environment, you mean being able to compile? Yeah I did the compiling guide and got it working.

I would be very interested in a video series that would help get me started. Could you please link some of the written tutorials you referenced.

The written tutorials are basically here

and here

From the /doc folder I mostly use and

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The Guide for 1st time contributors

If someone wants to make some video tutorials, please do. I’ll link them to the guide even.

I started a ‘how to mod’ series a while back, but it was when I was new to recording and I didn’t go in with a plan per episode so they’re pretty god awful and boring. I don’t think I got past basic item stuff.

I learn best with video tutorials, but I’m not the person to make that kind of content.

I think it’s a great idea, though. So many people think they aren’t capable of modding/contributing even though it’s not hard.

I looked up your series

You put in all that effort and there’s barely any views. Makes me wonder if it will be worth creating such a series. I think your video’s are educational. I remember I looked at your debug video when I started out.
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Well, I think it doesn’t exist anywhere else on YouTube and there are a lot of people who like video tutorials.

:stuck_out_tongue: It’ll just have to be done out love of the game and not out of desire for views.


i once tried to help with the translation to spanish, but for some reason it seems the tutorial is updated to the current translating page, since it didnt let me add any suggestion for the translating

i’ve been considering doing such a video, setting up a github desktop and CLI setup and visual studio being compiled and everything, but i’d need a squeaky clean computer to do it.


nothing like an old pc and a magnet can solve :D.
Still for how much has the game changed as from some builds, is a video feasible instead of text?, imagine doing a video and then the code changes in a month (to say a lapse) :s

i’d use a virtual machine so my other stuff does not get in the way.

yeah the tutorials will be out of date at some point that’s why they should be pretty generic so they still apply even if the game changes.

nah, the build environments don’t change that much.