Help us make version 0.A as bug-free as possible

I’m planning on wrapping up development and making the next release* soon**, and I wanted to try something new this time around. Please check out the latest experimental, and keep an eye out for bugs. We’re looking for two things in particular:
Take a look at, and comment (here or on gitthub) whether you see these bugs in the latest experimental. Some of these were at times hard to reproduce, and we think we got them, but it’s hard to be really sure.

If you want to be super helpful, post an issue on, but whether you do that or not, if it’s serious please post it here (if it’s not on the issue tracker already that is). Once we have a good list I was thinking about making a poll to ask what the worst bugs are according to you. This will help myself and other developers know which bugs are the worst in practice, and we’ll make sure to address the worst of them before the release. It doesn’t have to be a crash or anything, if it’s a bug that really irritates you, I want to know about it. One thing, please don’t ask for new features, we’re looking for BUGs right now, we have to focus if we want to get it done.

Thanks for your support everyone!

  • The next version is 0.A, codename TBA.
    ** I was tenatively hoping to do the release this weekend, but I’m short of time and there’re too many critical bugs remaining.

That’s great news!

probably the worst bugs for me are:

  1. player owned turrets don’t shoot at zombears and zombie dogs
  2. vehicle mounted turrets continue to do damage to the vehicle they’re mounted on despite being presumably roof mounted. EDIT: and to the player who is driving the vehicle!

What are the major features? Will help us test. Its hard to tell from commits in girhub

Do you have any remarks for translators?

BTW: For German C:DDA version 0.9, all but 3 strings have been translated. :slight_smile:

Nothing particularly new in the translation dept, keep trying to polish things up to allow better translations, recently some alternates for messages targeting different sexes were added, should allow better conjugation.

I’ll take a look at updating the changelog and highlighting the major features. I’m not really any more concerned about new features having bugs than I am existing features breaking though.

"Chaaangeeeloooog. Burrr, urrr, chaaangeelooog!"
The zombies, they crave it!

Kevin, are we waiting for the saving/loading rework to land?

Release blockers are at:
That’s one of them, mostly because I’d like to get people’s saves converted over to the new format now rather than a month or two from now. It’s possible some of the bugs that have been reported in the last week or so are serious enough to block the release as well, I really want to not put out another release with serious bugs, and that means taking more time to do it.

It’d be nice if we could concentrate some firepower on the blockers. Been merging a lot recently; will knock out the critter-melee tomorrow.

And as I recall Asimov wasn’t the nicest chap to have at conventions. Have we had an Ada release yet?

Let’s get back to topic, please. xD

So you wanted to hear which bugs bug us (haha!) the most. Okay, for me there are those two very old bugs, unfixed for at least 11 months:

[ul][]issue #234: Game uses default direction buttons for actions instead of user-configured ones
]issue #235: Non-configureable keys in overmap screen may lead to collisions with user-configured movement keys[/ul]

They annoy me because it makes the controls inconvenient if you do not use the default key bindings for 100%.
The other bugs I’ve reported. Well, of course they should be fixed, too but I could live with them in the meantime.

Any major blockers apart from updating translations?

There are now 5 release blocker bugs, at this point I’m calling a formal feature freeze, nothing except bugfixes merged until the release, that also means translators have some time with no new strings to catch up translating, I just udated the translation template, so launchpad should have it in short order.

so what exactly do you want us as players to do? or is this more for the moderators and people helping with the coding and translating?

It’s more a dev thing then a player thing. As a player all you need to know is that this is a sign that then next stable version will probably be coming out (possibly as soon as this weekend).

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