Getting Thread from clothing

So if im just sitting around and im whereing a shirt or whatever thats got a hole or a rip i always pick at loose threads and slowly destroying the piece or clothing

Maybe you could pull threads off of clothing and give it a worsened quality like break off 5 charges of thread and give a pair of socks the ripped quality.

You wouldnt be able to get very much thread at a time and with a low tailoring skill you might just make the socks fall apart

more than anything it would just be an alternate use for the mountains of clothes ive aquired

Yeah great idea!

You can cut up an item and then go in to your inv and select a rag and push D it takes it apart in to 100 thread.

You can dissemble string into thread.

I didn’t know, but it works. Thanks, man.

I didn’t know, but it works. Thanks, man.[/quote]

You can also go straight to disassembling items without using ‘i’ by pressing ‘(’.

Oh we can disassemble rags for thread?
Oh awesome.

[quote=“Dzlan, post:7, topic:4470”]Oh we can disassemble rags for thread?
Oh awesome.[/quote]
Or op…

Seriously? In between sinews, window strings and seatbelts, thread is one of the most common materials you have in the game, and you’re complaining about disassembling rags?

Actually I’d complain about all of them, but rag disassembly is compounded by the ‘mountains of clothing’ we have lying around.

You really shouldn’t limit your viewpoint to just city-scavenging against zombies. In no-city mode, every scrap and rag you can find is rare and welcome. And most of the better clothing is limited by rarer materials anyway. Thread is really only useful once you’ve had time to rest and grind sewing for a bit, and if you can afford that you’re at the point where regular clothes aren’t that much of an issue.

Will herpderp till someone says stop.

Ok, so, it’s balanced when cities are removed from the game, along with the vast majority of the clothing mountain. :expressionless:

Y’know, jacking up the item spawn rate in a modded (via the same options menu) world like that would compensate for less voluminous amounts of tailoring resources in the base game.

Right now there’s no way to increase item spawn rates, so your point is moot. And there shouldn’t be a need to punish one playstyle over another, simply because it’s not your default playstyle of choice.

And even if it’s unbalanced from a gameplay perspective (which I very much doubt, given how common thread is from alternative sources), it makes sense from a real-world perspective. A ‘realistic’ perspective appears, for better or for worse, to take precedent over a ‘gamey’ one.

Item spawn scaling factor, under world options good sir. At the very least it was in the Nov28th build in my sig. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t take much explaining to cut down on it- I believe you were in my thread on this?

I thought the max 1.0 is the normal spawn scaling so there is no way to increase it through the options, only to lower it. Am I mistaken or were you referring to something else?

Huh, right you are. That’s silly- a scaling factor that doesn’t go above 1?

I have no problem with getting thread from rags. Even if it’s not 100% balanced, it makes so much logical sense that I feel removing it would be more of a detriment to the game than keeping it in.

If I recall correctly disassembling rags takes quite some time.

It’s fine.

Here’s my old thread for any interested.

It wouldn’t take much explaining to nerf all of it & retain plausibility.

Yes, but it would be more work than it’s worth to do so, especially since you seem to be the only person who thinks so.