Most efficient way to make threads?

Is there any way to make thread out of rags more quickly than spending most of an hour disassembling them?

Pretty sure the answer is no.

You can make threads out of other materials than Rags, however. Such as Cotton. Unfortunately, NPC farming doesn’t exist yet, so you need to do it by hand.

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Yes. Go into your nearest town, smash every window you can find, and pick up the long string that is dropped. Disassemble long strings into small strings, and disassemble these into thread. Takes a fraction of the time to do in-game. Also disassembling rags usually causes a slowdown on my pc, so it takes a long time literally to collect thread this way.

Interesting. It seems like disassembling seatbelts would also work well for this.

Seat belts (which become short ropes) are even better than the long strings you get from curtains but require an extra tool to remove.

Either way, thread, string and rope are all very important crafting and construction ingredients, so early survivors should collect lots of them.

Why smash? Use close buttonn on window whit curtains and then examine the window and you can then tear the sheets down

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Drop your long / short strings on the ground. (B)utcher them while standing on the same tile and select “Disassemble all” or something like that. It’ll disassemble them all the way until threads and then you pick them up. At least that way the manual work is gone :slight_smile:

Yeah I always just tear the curtains off of windows, not by smashing just examine and tear down, also while having strings on auto-pickup. Then drop them all underneath your self and disassemble them, like Varg said. That or collect cat tails in a swamp and you can get “plant fiber” as a byproduct, I believe from just cooking them, or you can even just craft “plant fiber” from them, as well.

I almost never use rags to get thread.

With high enough tailoring, you can turn 30 rags into short rope, which can be disassembled into a lot more than 3000 thread.

(Been a while since I needed thread enough to do that… you may have to make 5 short ropes, turn those into a long rope, then disassemble that back into short ropes again before you can get long strings out of the short ropes you made. And it’s STILL faster than turning rags into thread directly.)

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That’s very interesting, I’ll have to check it out sometime. Is that an oversight, because that doesn’t seem like it would be intentional, but what do I know. :laughing:

It’s an exploit, yeah. The game doesn’t track two levels worth of ingredients, so you can make it forget what you made the short ropes out of, and take advantage of it guessing wrong.
It’s pretty cheesy. :cheese:

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yeah, no.
That doesn’t work anymore.

What if you used the rope in a construction then took it apart?

Such as vehichle construction?

I was thinking a building but that might work too.

Seriously? They have it keeping up with the components of the components of things? That’s what it would take.

Yeah, that’s works, too (or at least used to) - best exploit on that was building a welding rig out of makeshift welders, installing it on a vehicle, then uninstalling it and taking it apart to get a real welder (there’s a quest where you need two of them), but doing that with ropes/long ropes would work as well… or at least, it used to. Haven’t checked it in the latest build.