Sewing getting Thread

Ok this is really annoying me, is there any trick to less tediously or quickly make thread for sewing? or do i have to make a macro for this.

Edit:bonus question why cant i bind sewing kit to a letter and have it stick to it?

[ul][li]Craft ropes, uncraft them into thread (it’s a bug, but it’s the good kind of a bug)[/li]
[li]Uncraft a long string, then “uncraft as long as possible” on the short string[/li]
[li]Stand over a stack of rags, uncraft them all[/li][/ul]

You can bind sewing kit to a letter. I usually set mine to A for ease of access.

Getting thread isn’t too hard. If you grow/forage a lot of dogbane it produces some, but not a large quantity. Marijuanna crops produce massive amounts of plant fiber. Cotton seeds are rare, but also make it, and if you are desperate you can butcher pillows and turn the cotton into regular thread. The last method isn’t super time consuming game wise but is time consuming gameplay wise.

what i mainly asking is not how to get Thread its how to dismantle for instance string in a less tedious way.
like you can repeat a crafting recipe with one button, but u cant dismantle thread with one.

Butcher the string.

you can pull down curtains for the long string. if you drop the string on the floor and butcher them when there’s more than one, you get the option to “disassemble all” which breaks all the string down into thread.

you can manually bind keys to objects using = by default. I agree with coolthulhu, I normally bind it to ‘a’ for repeated sewing.

wow thank you, never could have guessed butchering to be the solution.

When I need a large batch of thread I smash a few windows, collect all of the sheets and put them in a pile on the floor, stand over them and press “B” to butcher, select “dismantle everything once”, and then do that again to the rags that I just got from cutting up the sheets. This nets me about 2000 thread from one sheet, but it does take a bit of in game time.

tl;dr: rags give thread when butchered.

I thought this was going to be a question about the fastest way in-game to get thread.

Rags take an hour to butcher for 100 thread.

Small string yields 50 thread, but I don’t know how long it takes to disassemble.

Plant Fiber seems to yield less thread for more time, but I haven’t explored it much.

Once your Survival is high enough, butchering might conceivably be consistent enough to yield sinew and generates necessary additional material, especially since you can load it into a sewing tool and then unload string out of it. I haven’t lasted long enough to know how high I need to be in order to reliably get sinew, though.

seatbelts in the wildy.
window smashing in the city

There was a bug (#22567) related to the game losing your binds, but it should be fixed in the latest experimental.