Exploit: Unlimited Rags

I don’t know if this has been posted, but I just found a way to make unlimited rags.

In the build that I am playing, making a trench coat costs 11 rags and some thread. When you cut up that coat with a knife, you get 17 rags. Rinse and repeat for unlimited rags, and disassemble the rags for unlimited thread. Or strings. Or ropes.

I know that rags are pretty plentiful to begin with, but using this, you never have to go anywhere to get some.

Disassembling rags into thread is somewhat counterbalanced by taking over an hour for each rag. Though yes, it should require more rags to make an item than you receive for disassembling said item.

I think trenchcoats used to take 20 rags. I assume that was lowered but the cut-up time wasn’t. And yeah neither thread derivatives nor rags are rare at all considrring windows

This is true never really found myself in a rag shortage. LET THE BUG FLOURISH

Rags are extremely abundant, this really isn’t a balance issue.
It is, however, a logic issue. Things like this can irritate some folk. It is probably better to nip it in the bud when it shows up…

I think this happens with cowboy hats and leather aswell.

Garage man.

I run out of rags. Alot.

And that does sound like a 'sploit.

Damn son gotta get those windows and beds. Plus EVERY zombie wears clothes, idk how you run out.

Normally no space to grab clothing, too busy grabbing food, ammo and skillbooks.

Drop what you’re wielding, grab clothes, snikt, pick weapon back up.

I keep forgetting that there are people out there who don;t use duffels…

Duffels are a poor mans wheelbarrow. Keep a few rags, leather and other gubbins in your wheelbarrow and you are set.